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A Real Review of VPN Service NordVPN

Nord VPN Review

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NordVPN is an excellent tool to maintain security on the internet.  With increasing concerns over privacy in the digital age, NordVPN offers a solution for people that are concerned about having their web history tracked.

Mike P.
Mike P.
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Working with NordVPN has really helped to eliminte getting all tht annoying spam. The software was easy to install and for the price it relly is an outstanding product. I couldn't be more happy with it.
Myla W.
Myla W.
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I use NordVPN in my notebook and my iPhone. I travel a lot and I’m usually getting work done on my devices at the waiting room, sharing private work information so I need to be sure the connection I’m using is secure and encrypted. I got the 3-year plan and was a great deal! Totally recommend it!

Just about anywhere you go now, there is free Wi-Fi available, which is convenient because it keeps us productive and connected. Along with this convenience comes enormous risk. Using VPN software like NordVPN can help to keep your data secure on public networks as well as on your own private networks. As we all know, the vast majority of public Wi-Fi hotspots offered at restaurants, airports, and hotels aren’t password-protected, and they don’t encrypt the data being transmitted. This lack of security leaves your information open and available to anyone who knows how to retrieve it. It is now easier than ever before to gain access to your private information, but thanks to NordVPN you can rest at ease. 

NordVPN allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. It can be used to shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more. Business travelers often use VPN’s to access their business’ network and all of the local network resources, while on the road. This feature is nice because the local resources don’t have to be exposed directly to the internet, which increases security. These days VPNs are really popular, but not for the reasons they were created.

Linda C.
Linda C.
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NordVPN is ridiculously simple to use. I picked this VPN since it could be utilized on both Mac And Windows. I thought the membership value made sense. I loved that it could be used on all my devices, and we have many. NordVPN likewise has an assurance that they will fix any issues and that they stand behind their product. It's tough to watch what four teenagers are doing online, but this VPN product gives me a little more peace of mind. Thanks, Nord!"
Melinda B.
Melinda B.
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NordVPN is amazing! I have it on my laptop, PC’s, and iPhones. It’s very easy and simple to download and use. It’s also inexpensive, which is surprising, but I appreciate it. I just recently bought the 3-year plan and couldn’t be more excited.

It is increasingly common for cyber attacks to target the personal information of people that browse the web through unsecured networks, and because of this there is an increasing incidence of credit cards, social security numbers, and other valuable personal information being stolen from unsuspecting internet users.

NordVPN offers assurance to people that their information will remain secure and protected thanks to their Virtual Private Network technology.  Additionally, it allows users to maintain privacy by preventing unauthorized parties from seeing what NordVPN users access through the VPNs.

When you hear the name, Nord, you immediately think of protection and security as they have been leaders of the industry since 2012. The NordVPN is a combination of state of the art protection and performance at an affordable price. At no time in the past has security been more important, and they have incorporated a level of encryption that is equal to that used by many financial institutions to protect sensitive personal information. Along with this, they offer private browsing services, and internet security to help keep all your online activities, sites visited, and identifiable information private and secure from cybercriminals, even on public Wi-Fi or open networks.

Whether you are on the Wi-Fi at work, or in your favorite coffee shop, having a secure internet connection is imperative. Without one, your browsing history, passwords, and data will be exposed to prying eyes. The illusion of anonymity on the internet is just that, an illusion. Using an unsecured network will make you susceptible to attacks from all sorts of outside entities. With a trusted name like Nord, you know you are getting the best possible protection that money can buy. Now you can search the web confidently and comfortably during your travels like you are in your own home. If you are looking to make your online time truly safe and anonymous, NordVPN could be the place for you.

Francis K.
Francis K.
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I take my personal security and privacy very seriously, so when I began to read about the new methods that hackers and cyber attacks employ to steal information from people I was very concerned. After researching the topic thoroughly, I went with NordVPN as my Virtual Private Network solution. They provide me with peace of mind and I feel their company and products are ones I can trust.

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NordVPN is a combination of state of the art protection and performance at an affordable price. At no time in the past has security been more important, and they have incorporated a level of encryption that is equal to that used by many financial institutions to protect sensitive personal information


  • Simple to Download and Use
  • Nords Support Network
  • Features Bank-Grade Encryption
  • Run 5 Devices Simultaneously
  • Inexpensive


  • Not Peer to Peer Friendly

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