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Reviews of the Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box

527 Reviews
Value For Price
527 Reviews 90%
Product Selection
527 Reviews 93%
Would Recommend To Others
527 Reviews 93%
Overall Satisfaction
527 Reviews 92%

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9.2 / 10

Summary of Reviews: The Allure Beauty Box is an excellent cosmetics focused subscription box.  Our reviewers enjoyed it for the high quality skin care and makeup products from name brands.  Reviewers said that you can get excellent deals on the products contained within the box.  If you are thinking of trying a beauty box for the first time or just looking for your next addiction we highly recommend giving Allure Beauty Box a look.

Mary W.
Mary W.
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I forget about this box every month, and then when it finally shows up, it’s like a mini-Christmas morning. I’ve used everything they’ve ever sent me. I’ve even given this subscription as a gift to 3 different friends. It’s the best box out there.

What is the Allure Beauty Box?

The Allure Beauty Box is a subscription-based beauty products box by Allure Magazine.  Whether you don’t have time to shop yourself or need the guiding hand of experts to help you select your makeup and skincare products, Allure Beauty Box can help you to find a selection of products that will help you stay feeling young and beautiful.

Beauty boxes make our lives more convenient, fun, and affordable. They do all the leg work for you by capturing the hottest trends not only in makeup, but skincare, haircare, and beyond. If you’ve been considering trying a beauty box for yourself, you should take a look at what Allure Beauty Box has to offer. From premium brands offered at amazing discounts to cruelty-free picks, this beauty box is designed to provide you with the new best products and brands on the market all suited to your tastes!
Katie B.
Katie B.
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I've subscribed to other beauty boxes before, but this one my favorite! I've been a subscriber for over a year now. If you're looking to use high-end brands, but you can't afford high-end prices, this is definitely the box for you. I can't tell you how many times I've been surprised by the number of items in the box and the brands!

What Comes in the Allure Beauty Box?

Along with the products (at least five editor-curated deluxe-sized items for the monthly subscription), the box will bring the fun of Allure Magazine to life with its monthly selection of premium samples. You can expect top brands, trending ingredients, and must-try formulations, all for a fantastic price. It’s a great way to try popular products before you buy them. Each subscription box contains a letter from the editor explaining the various products in the box and providing tips on how to use them.  As a bonus for signing up with the Allure Beauty Box, first-time subscribers will receive a $5 discount, making the initial month only $10.

The February 2020 Allure Beauty Box comes with the following products:

Jonathan R.
Jonathan R.
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All I have to say is thank you allure beauty box! I have been able to save so much money in the past few months with ordering allure beauty. My wife spends easily $150 on products, and I can get it for $15 a month? I don’t know how you guys do it, but thank you! She loves it, and I love saving money too!

How Much Does the Allure Beauty Box Cost?

Allure provides two subscriptions for their boxes. By far, the most popular option is $15 a month, and you receive up to $90 in products. The yearly Mega Bundle subscription costs $165, but you receive 25 products that are valued over $245.

As a bonus for signing up with the Allure Beauty Box, first-time subscribers will receive a $5 discount, making the initial month only $10.

Should You Get the Allure Beauty Box?

The Allure Beauty Box is perfect for those who love purchasing the newest make-up or skincare products. Our users noted that the value is worth the price as they often received multiple items that were worth over $30-$50 each. Our reviewers also noted that they really enjoyed the fact that these subscription boxes were curated by the editors of Allure magazine, one of the world’s largest fashion and beauty magazines in the world. We suggest this product if you’re into beauty and would rather try products before purchasing them for full price.

Victoria R.
Victoria R.
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I still can’t believe this box is only $15!!! How are you making any money? Everything is always great! Some of these items are over $15 at the store! How do you do it? Thanks, Allure! Keep doing what you are doing!

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Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box is a subscription-based beauty products company. Allure comes with multiple options for payment, but the most popular box is monthly at $15


  • Only $15 a Month
  • Comes With a Mini-Magazine
  • Free Shipping
  • New Boxes Every Month
  • Gift for New Members
  • 50,000 Products Tested a Year


  • Sometimes New Members Have to Wait Until Next Month
  • Must Call to Change Subscription

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