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A Review of The Lead Feed, an Online Marketing-Lead Generation Company

Online Marketing Company The Lead Feed Review

Sales are the lifeline of a business. As a small business owner getting leads can be an uphill battle. The Lead Feed is an up and coming lead generation company that specializes in custom online marketing campaigns to maximize the chances of finding your perfect, loyal customer.

The Lead Feed takes advantage of their A.I. software which enables them to optimize advertisements in order to capture the perfect potential consumer.  Their sales team is known for their professionalism and dedication to their clients, by providing an online marketing team to each specific client.  They are able to successfully generate leads in-house, never reselling leads to different clients.  These potential customers are identified as the best targets for your products and services and The Lead Feed drives them to your business through award winning marketing and SEO techniques.

What to Expect From Your Lead Provider

You Should Expect Fresh Leads That Convert
This means you should expect your leads to have recently filled out a form or spoken to somebody requesting information on your product or service.

They Should Be Able To Create Custom Campaigns For Your Brand
The Lead Feed is one of the few lead generation companies that provide an online marketing strategy team for your business. Whether its through rebuilding your whole online brand, running a simple email campaign, or even giving free advice on things you could do to boost traffic to your business, the marketing team at The Lead Feed will be able to give your business the image it needs to drive traffic to you.

Ability To Get Targeted Leads For Sales
A good lead generation company will be able to narrow down their reach to your perfect customer so you can save money and time by not chasing false leads. In the case of The Lead Feed, this is all done by their proprietary AI system, which is why they seem to be miles ahead of their competitors as far as our user ratings go.

You Should Expect Good Customer Service
Aside from bogus leads, poor customer service is the second biggest user complaint on RealReviews when it comes to lead generation companies. Your lead provider should be helpful and courteous.

You Should NOT Buy Leads That Have Been Recycled A Hundred Times Over
This is obvious, but don’t fall for low quality list providers, or brokers masquerading as lead generators.  The Lead Feed brings you fresh, active leads.

Marketing & Lead Generation Available For

  • Niche Mortgage Leads
  • Political Campaigns Leads
  • Real Estate Leads
  • Niche Insurance Leads
  • Solar Leads
  • HVAC Leads
  • & More
Based on 1,423 Real Reviews
Customer Service
1,423 Real Reviews 98%
Online Marketing Branding Services
1,423 Real Reviews 96%
SEO Services & Knowledge
1,423 Real Reviews 95%
Overall Satisfaction
1,423 Real Reviews 98%
Would Use Again
1,423 Real Reviews 96%

The Lead Feed

The Lead Feed uses a combination of AI technology and various other technologies to provide clients with a high number of quality leads. They place a great emphasis on the quality of the information. The data they provide for each lead is accurate, easy to sort and highly customizable to the specific needs of each client.


  • Fully Exclusive Leads
  • Can Apparently Generate Leads for ANY Business Type
  • Top Quality Prospecting
  • Proprietary AI Software to Track down Customers and Clients Most Likely to Convert
  • Dedicated Staff Available Through Phone, Video, & Email
  • Top Tier Marketing Company
  • Helps Businesses Find Specific, Targeted, Clientele


  • Small Wait List as They Are Rising in Popularity
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