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Baze Reviews

Baze Reviews

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Summary of Baze Reviews: Our Baze reviews say using Baze has been the best decision they have done. With the convenience, support and affordable pricing what’s not to love? Baze is on a mission to get every person to be the best they can be while achieving their healthiest self with a science-led, results-driven food and the best supplements program.

Even for people at a healthy weight, and inadequate diet follows significant health dangers that can provoke illness and even death, issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and so much more. If you don’t already start now and make smart food choices, so you can help defend yourself from these potential critical health problems. Dietary practices grounded in childhood usually carry into adulthood, so educating children how to eat healthy at a young age will better them, in the long run, to ensure they stay healthy throughout their life. The connection within proper nutrition and healthy weight reduced chronic disease risk, and overall health is too important to ignore. By taking steps to eat healthily or at least substitute it with nutrient supplements, you’ll be on the path to success in gaining the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, active, and strong. The same thing with physical activity, making small adjustments in your diet can go a long way, and it’s easier than you think, your lifestyle affects your health in more ways than one. Start your journey today read our Baze reviews to see how Baze has positively changed people’s lives and let it do that same for you.

What is Baze?

Matt P.
Matt P.
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With a crazy work schedule as a police officer, I started seeing my inflammation more, random nerve pain, and a drop in my immunity and energy levels. I knew it had to be my nutrient state that was causing some of these side effects. I have been taking random supplements from the store anything that would catch my eye on the shelf for over 15 years now, hoping they would work. It turns out; they didn't. Baze made it clear and made it easy to conquer the problem. I love being able to view my results at the press of a button and know that my needs are being studied individually.

Nutrition that works

With Baze, you are in the know with what’s happening in your body, and you have access to the specific nutrients you need. You are empowered to change your health and your overall life! This is the future that Baze envisions for its customers; part of it is to inspire you to reach your health goals by implementing a unique dynamic adjustment program with measurable results that you can see.

Baze’s Mission

Baze believes that personalized nourishment is the most significant factor for good health—and the key to changing your life. That’s why Baze has combined scientific data and expert leadership with quality ingredients making the best supplements—all conveniently delivered straight to your home.

Baze History

 It was 2014, all while having some drinks at a local bar, the founders of Baze were discussing business plans. Biotechnology and health industry veterans were empathizing about how the current health paradigm just wasn’t working.

Baze’s Science Team

Our Science Team spent over 4 years perfecting what Baze is today. The team stays up-to-date with the constant change of the world of nutrition science and ensures they are providing you with the most personalized and adequate nutrition solutions possible.

Baze’s Registered Dietitians

Baze’s dietitians hold a diversity of positions within their company to help you unlock a better you through better nutrition.

The Company Values

The team members at Baze are overly passionate about making sure their products and services are managed by science and innovation while also being actionable, practical, and measurable.

The Baze approach

Your health is private, and your supplements should be, too.

Baze thoughtfully evaluates your health, dose your supplements precisely, and modify your regimen over time. Baze’s system and science drive to help you to feel the maximum result from your efforts. Read our Baze reviews, if it works for them it can work for you.

Kristy R.
Kristy R.
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Baze worked for me and it can work for you too! Great supplement package, you really feel the difference when taking them!

How Does Baze Work?


Fill out the quick questionnaire is sent to you along with an easy to use blood Nutrient Test delivered to your door. You never have to leave the comfort of your home to assess your health and measure your nutrient levels.

In less than 5 minutes, a small device collects a blood sample from your arm. Simply mail the kit to their lab for analysis. They cover the costs of shipping both ways! Tell them about your health intentions in a quick online questionnaire. Our Baze reviews say it is the easiest process ever!

Your blood presents the most accurate description of your body’s nutrient levels. Baze allows you to test your blood yourself with the push of a button: The MIT-developed device obtains a sample in just under 5 minutes. Just attach the device to your skin, press the button to start, then ship the sample back to the lab.

Receive personalized supplements

The Baze dietitians examine the micro-nutrient levels from the sample and customize the supplements based on your body’s individual needs. All while your privacy is protected.

Access your personalized nutrient report on either your Baze account or in the app. There you can understand your results, track your improvement, or share it with your primary care physician. Your monthly supplements are delivered to your door in handy daily packs.

Track Your Results

Baze recommends monitoring your nutrient levels and updating your questionnaire every 3 months to evaluate your dosage. Let their team improve your dosage until you’ve reached optimal results. Enjoy the satisfaction of balanced nutrients!

Adjusting your regimen over time

As your body changes, your needs change, and modifying your supplements and dosage with that indicates Baze to maximum benefits.

Baze uses science and their expertise to make your supplements smarter by re-analyzing your nutrient levels and tracking your improvement over time. With the use of every measurement, they get to understand your nutrient biochemistry better and can make frequently tailored recommendations. Baze grows and changes with you our Baze reviews say overtime they really feel and see a difference in their body.

Is My Information Safe with Baze?

Baze protects your personal information utilizing the most high-level security and encryption software and standards. Their registered dietitians guarantee your doses are precisely what your body needs based off your lab results. The ingredients are examined according to the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices for potency, efficacy, and safety, and are sourced from the most high-grade quality providers in the US.

Dylan M.
Dylan M.
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I have been on a major health kick for the last few months, lost 20 pounds, and using the Baze vitamin packages has really assisted me in retaining my vital nutrients while on a strict low-calorie diet. The convenience of being able to grab the pack of vitamins and run out the door is the best. With having the vitamins tailored for my specific needs is exactly what I need.

Choline AKA Vitamin B4

This vitamin contributes to structural support for cells and is vital for acetylcholine production and is essential for gene expression. Choline is also present in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter that supports fat metabolism and signaling between cell membranes as well. The brain and nervous system function also benefits from Choline as well as mood regulation and muscle function.


Chromium is an essential nutrient aids in support within hormone regulation as well as works to regulate blood sugar by stimulating insulin action and has direct involvement with the metabolism. 


Copper is a necessary nutrient for maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails. It plays a critical role in the formation of collagen, a key component of healthy bones and connective tissue, as well as supports immune health.


Magnesium is a mineral responsible for over 300 chemical reactions in the human body. A few fundamental functions of magnesium aids in sleep, nerve and muscle function, blood sugar, and blood pressure regulation. When Deficiencies in this nutrient occur can have an impact on one’s sleep and mood.


Omega-3 is a group of primary fatty acids that play critical roles in the human body. This food aids in support of cardiovascular health, cognitive health as well as eye health and healthy inflammatory response. Obtaining this essential fat means that your body can’t just make it, so you need to acquire it from food. 


Selenium is an essential trace mineral meaning it’s required through food as our bodies don’t produce it. Given its antioxidant highlights, selenium may boost visible appearance and beauty as well by restricting some of the cell damage that stimulates the aging process. Selenium supports immune health, thyroid function, and more.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, B12 supports the body to convert food into fuel to generate energy and metabolize fats and proteins. It promotes cardiovascular health and cognitive performance. B vitamins assist in the overall proper functioning of the immune system.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is not commonly found in many foods. Yet, it is a nutrient that is essential for overall health to help maintain strong bones, brain health, immune health, and much more. Our bodies naturally create vitamin D3, a general form of vitamin D, from cholesterol, however only when sufficiently exposed to sunlight.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, and it’s a term relating to 8 composites that make up this critical vitamin. Vitamin E is an identified antioxidant, meaning it may extend protection against free radicals and cellular and DNA damage. Free radicals are naturally occurring molecules in your body that cause damage over time. Vitamin E also promotes immune function, eye health, a healthy vascular system, and more.


Zinc is a vital mineral that you can find in cold medicine, but it’s more than just a cold buster. Surprisingly, it does more than just supporting immune function, zinc plays a role in beauty as well, and It’s thought to be therapeutic for those who struggle with breakouts or wounds. Zinc also supports early fetal development during pregnancy and is necessary for protein and DNA synthesis and gene expression and cell proliferation.

Baze’s method is created to get you to an optimal nutrient range promptly. However, circumstances like lifestyle and seasonality can tailor your needs. Everyone’s body responds differently to supplements and dosages, so tracking the impacts on your body is crucial for progress. Every time you reassess your nutrient levels and health preferences, the team changes your supplements accordingly to get you and keep you in the optimal range. Our Baze reviews say it all , this is the future of nutrition don’t wait to join!

Get Started or Get Your Money Back

If your nutrient levels are already in sync with your body, Baze will refund your money back.

Kira T.
Kira T.
Read More
My wedding is in 6 months. I've been going crazy planning it! I have to say I am so relieved to have found Baze. The support and the health of my nails, skin, hair are so recognizable everyone's been asking what I've been taking. With stress and anxiety that comes with a wedding, my energy levels have been all over the place until I started using Baze. I notice such an overall difference in my body it was the best decision I've made, it's convenient and affordable. Having the ability to speak with the Dr. on the team if I have a specific question is so reassuring. I 100% trust in Baze, and it feels so good.

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