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Benefits of Using The Lead Feed for your Digital Marketing

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How does a thriving company keep pace with the daily demands associated with running a business? They learn to outsource areas of their business. For many, this may be using a call center to handle customer service. To others, it might mean the outsourcing of their digital marketing responsibilities to a reputable company like The Lead Feed. Digital Marketing and Lead Generation service The Lead Feed is helping companies meet the requirements associated with running a business in the 21st century.

In comparison to traditional marketing, Digital Marketing utilizes a broader spectrum of outlets. It describes a set of marketing methods that utilize all digital channels for advertising a product or service for building brand awareness and growth web page awareness. Below we discuss seven benefits associated with outsourcing your digital marketing needs.

John S.
John S.
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I've searched high and low for a leed geration company. Somehow they always feel short of meeting my needs. Finally, The Leed Feed, and it was the answer to my dreams! They answered every question I had and reassured me that they would be able to get me all the leeds I needed. They definitely worked their magic and made what I thought was impossible happen. You guys are the best! I highly recommend them!

Improves your Brand Awareness: People can’t use your product if they don’t know about it. Being able to reach new audiences through the use of various digital marketing campaigns will have a significant impact on the success of your business. By improving brand awareness, website traffic will increase.

Optimize the Effectiveness of Marketing: The most critical component of running an effective campaign is to know your audience. You can quickly find yourself spending plenty of time and money trying to reach groups that have no interest in your product. The best marketing companies spend years honing in on what works best for each industry.

Saves you Money: Having an in-house marketing team can be a substantial financial commitment for a business. Some experts estimate that the potential savings by outsourcing a marketing company can be in the hundreds of thousands. You no longer need to pay the salary and benefits for multiple employees (marketer, web designer, copywriter, graphic designer, social media expert)

Access to an Industry Expert: This is what they do. Working with a reputable company like The Lead Feed will give you access to the latest trends and technology within the marketing community. They also provide insight into how best to advertise your product.

Gain a Different Perspective: You’re excited about your product. You can explain it’s importance in great detail. But do you know how to market it? It’ s the agency’s job to understand how to attract and convert people into potential lifelong clients.

Build a Positive Customer Experience: Building a positive customer experience will pay huge dividends on your bottom line. Gone are the days of just offering a good product. Employees need to provide consumers with outstanding customer service. If a client has a negative experience with a company, they are less likely to return.

Founded in 2014 The Lead Feed is a lead generation and marketing company based out of St. Petersburg Fl. They provide leads to many of the companies in the world from ranging from mortgages to insurance. With the use of their proprietary A.I. software, The Lead Feed can optimize lead generation giving you the most bang for your buck.

The Lead Feed’s Geo Feed Process

  1. Target any address in the United States (except Government Buildings).
  2. The Lead Feed will pull the contact information (name, address, phone number, and the Mobile Address ID) for all people entering the address for a set period.
  3. The Leads are delivered to you within 72 hours.
  4. Able to pull data from as far back as 2.5 years. 
  5. Users have already opted in

Jennifer S.
Jennifer S.
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Using The Lead Feed was exactly what I needed to get my business up and running. They are fantastic and provided me with more than enough leads to keep me busy. They worked with me on budget and helped me exceed any sales goals I may have had. Now my business is thriving, and I have become one of the top agents in my area. The Lead Feed helped me achieve what I wanted in a short amount of time. Thank you, The Leed Feed

The use of digital marketing is essential in today’s e-commerce society. Increasing brand awareness and growing your web page organically is no easy task. It takes consistent work and level of proficiency that can easily be handled by a company like The Lead Feed. Using The Lead Feed to manage your marketing needs will allow you the freedom to develop your staff. Ensuring they are offering the consumer a positive customer experience. They have the knowledge and resources needed to help take your business to the next level. Don’t believe me? Please take a look at what their users are saying about them.

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The Lead Feed

When it comes to generating leads for your company, The Lead Feed uses a combination of AI technology and various other technologies to provide clients with a high number of quality leads. They place a great emphasis on the quality of the information. The data they provide for each lead is accurate, easy to sort and highly customizable to the specific needs of each client.


  • Fully Exclusive Leads
  • Can Generate Leads for ANY Business Type
  • Proprietary AI Software to Track down Customers and Clients Most Likely to Convert
  • Dedicated Staff Available Through Phone, Video, & Email
  • Top Tier Marketing Company
  • Helps Businesses Find Specific, Targeted, Clientele


  • There Is a Small Wait List as They Are Rising in Popularity
  • Working with a Company in a Different Time Zone.

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