Best 1TAC Products & Survival Gear To Survive a Coronavirus Apocalypse

Best 1TAC Products & Survival Gear To Survive a Coronavirus Apocalypse
Best 1TAC Products & Survival Gear To Survive a Coronavirus Apocalypse

The Best Survival & Prepping Gear

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not prepared for the doomsday apocalypse or the impending fall of civilization from the coronavirus or an unidentified strain of ebola. But don’t worry, we’ve reviewed the best survival gear so you can your loved ones can eat canned beans in comfort. Continue reading below…

1TAC 3-in-1 Utlity Light

This is THE flashlight you want for the darkness that falls after a nuclear attack. The 1TAC, 3-in-1, utility flashlight is the most durable, ultra-bright flashlight on the market. With 1,200 lumens, you can see zombies coming from a distance and attack with force, as it’s built with aircraft-grade aluminum. The flashlight comes in three modes, including an emergency mode to send a bright SOS signal that can be seen for miles.

We loved the magnetic base that allows you to work hands-free, and we can’t deny how cool the SOS beacon is. The SOS beacon is hidden in the middle of the flashlight and works when you pull it apart. It’s like a hidden Jedi lightsaber.

MsForce Headlamp

First impressions matter, make sure you let scavengers and degenerates know that you can see them on your property with the MsForce Ultimate Headlight. With 1200 lumens and three different modes, you’ll be a walking streetlamp. Not only can you zoom the light to focus on things that may be a little further away, but it’s also waterproof and rechargeable.

Our review team found this tactical headlamp to be perfect for night time joggers as it fit comfortably on their heads and did not shift around too much.

The review team said they defiantly felt safe ad comfortable enough to jog on the road as

Outdoor Edge Paraclaw Watch

Outdoor Edge is a pretty popular outdoor camping equipment company, so you can be sure that every product you get from them is a high-quality item. Paracord survival bracelets are great for any emergency as they can be used to hang a kettle over a fire, as shoelaces, a pully line, and can even be used as a fishing line. What’s even better than a paracord bracelet? A paracord bracelet that can tell you time and comes with a hidden knife. We couldn’t hold a fake kidnapping for legal reasons, but we’re sure you can escape kidnappers and still be on time for your daughter’s dance recital with the Outdoor Edge Paraclaw Watch.

ReadyWise Emergency Fruit Supply

Listen, when the government and the market collapase and everyone is infected with ebola, you won’t want to go outside. Avoid the looters and be prepared with a giant bucket of fruit by prepper company ReadyWise. Once all the grocery store shelves have been wiped clean and you’re forced to plant your own fruits and vegetables, you’ll realize how you took the logistics of shipping and transport for granted. FRUITS & VEGETABLES DO NOT GROW ALL YEAR ROUND! So be prepared for the shortage with this giant bucket of fruit. Click here to see the giant bucket of vegetables by ReadyWise.

Our review team has been hoarding this bucket and adding it to their yogurt for months now they tell us they really like the taste and won’t share any, even though there are 120 servings.

LifeStraw Mission Water Purification System

LifeStraw has become viral for the number of YouTubers who have been using their filtration straws to drink toilet water. That’s gross. But if you’re serious about camping or staying out in the wilderness and have a family with you, this water purification system could keep your family well hydrated. This gravity-fed membrane water purifier can remove virtually all bacteria (99.9999%), viruses (99.999%), as well as protozoa (99.99%). There are no chemicals, batteries, or moving parts needed for this compact, roll-bag, water purifier.

Reviewers noted how easy it was to set-up and use. It was also designed to be compact and easy to hang, as it comes with straps to hang on trees or any other form of support.

Fortis EDC Emergency Survival Pack

The Fortis EDC emergency survival pack is for emergency situations in which you must leave everything behind and run. Preppers love them because they feel a sense of comfort knowing that they’re already prepared for the emergency for at least three days. This SOS bugout bag is perfect for those who want the basics with the ability to add a lot more gear. It comes with a Fire Starter, Compass Keychain, 3-Mode Tactical LED Flashlight, whistle,  Multitool Plier, and more.

Reviewers noted how easy it was to set-up and use. It was also designed to be compact and easy to hang, as it comes with straps to hang on trees or any other form of support.

Revere Offshore Commander 2.0

This foam insulated liferaft is perfect when you need to jump ship from pirates. It comes with exterior light, reflective tape, and a boarding ladder. Not only is it weatherproof, but it’s also double zippered and comes with a rainwater collector so you won’t have to worry about dying of thirst. The Offshore Commander comes with fast deploying ballast bags and a 100ft tow line. It also has a floating raft knife, pressure relief valves, and exterior safety lines. Don’t lose your limbs when trying to escape Somali pirates, and the RealReviews team has come to the consensus that zombies don’t swim.

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