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Best Business Telephone Systems of 2019 (VOIP Providers)

Best Business Telephone Systems of 2019 (Cloud Based VOIP Providers)

Rated #1
1,456 Real Reviews Rated 94%
  • Affordable
    Well under 40% lower priced than competitors
  • Hassle-Free Interface Sets Industry Standard
    Easy to use, easy to implement, and still comes with premium features.
  • Try Before You Buy
    Telesero offers a free trial out of faith for their product
  • Pre-built Integrations
    SalesForce, Marketo, Zendesk
    & more
  • 24/7 Support
    Staff provides free installation, integration, and on-going maintenance.
623 Real Reviews Rated 86%
  • Moderately Scale-Able
    Not feasible for more than three agents
  • Extra Fees For Select Features
    Name capture, call recordings, etc
  • "Easy To Sign Up, Hard To Cancel"
    Biggest complaint based off 623 Real Reviews
  • Uses Polycom Deskphones
    Up to date desk phones for manual dialing
  • Online Forum Support
    Members of community are very helpful if you have time to wait for a response
1,251 Real Reviews Rated 85%
  • Complicated Interface
    Not the best option if agents are not tech savy.
  • Good for Home Business
    Less robust for office purposes, meant for those working from home
  • Comes With "Premium" Features
    Costs a lot more
  • Add Phones to Any Plan
    Use almost any device to communicate
  • "Slow Customer Service"
    Biggest complaint based off 1,251 Real Reviews

What is VOIP Business Phone Software?
VOIP software, also known as cloud business phone software, is the backbone of communications for any business type in 2019. This software often handles communication channels such as voice, text, email, and live chat for your business, whether it be a small operation or a 500 employee call center.

VOIP software should be user-friendly designed to help your agents, rather than hinder them. It can also assist supervisors who need to oversee day-to-day operations by providing a full detailed view of analytics.

Why Businesses Use VOIP Software
Taking advantage of VoiP services and call center software can take your business to new heights. As your business grows, you will find yourself being inundated with calls, questions, and complaints by new clients. Get to your client’s needs faster by implementing the tools these software programs provide.

Sales and customer service departments often face a range of communication issues, and it’s up to the agent and or/their superiors to smooth things over with clients. The right software can make that process go smoothly for both your agent and client before the phone call is over. Typical situations such as call transfers, putting clients on hold, searching for accurate, up-to-date information can all be made easier for your agents while ensuring your customers are being helped in a timely manner.

Telesero, Best All-Around Business Phone Software Company

Telesero ranked #1 for its simple to use and integrate call center & marketing software, and EXTREMELY low prices compared to the rest of the industry. Built with the intention of making the caller and consumer interactions run smoothly, their pre-built integrations allow you to easily plug into applications such as SalesForce & Marketo. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of their user-friendly dashboard, as it is one of the few all-around complete packages for small business and giant call centers alike.  They provide analytics and detailed reports to help you improve your sales as well as flexible cloud-based solutions.

Telesero’s standing in the industry allows them insider information that can be implemented into your organization to increase the value of your call center. Their software understands the importance of workforce management optimization, occupancy rates optimization, & improving call forecasting. Telesero employees are also known for their experience in the marketing world and are often the go-to for call center/marketing solutions. Click here to learn more.


  • Predictive Auto-Dialer
  • Pre-built integrations to applications like SalesForce, Marketo, Zendesk and more
  • Telesero takes all necessary precautions & shields your data from any security  breach.
  • Telesero is mobile-friendly allowing you to access and manage your business from anywhere in the world, using any device you desire.
  • 24/7 Support Center
  • Real Time & Historical Analytics
  • Intelligent Targeting

#1 - Telesero

1,456 Real Reviews
Overall Satisfaction
1,456 Real Reviews 96%
24/7 Customer Service
1,456 Real Reviews 94%
Would Recommend To Others
1,456 Real Reviews 94%
Value For Money
1,456 Real Reviews 97%

FreedomVoice, Best Customer Service

The biggest complaint towards FreedomVoice is the challenges of unsubscribing to their services, leaving a bad taste in the reviews of our subscribers. Another issue brought up by our Real Reviewers was issues with outbound calls. Complaints issued were towards calls getting dropped, or going straight to spam & issues with their FreedomVoice keypad.

Although not the most responsive interface, FreedomVoice fared well compared to other call center software companies for their dedication to customer service. FreedomVoice scored high in customer service for its speed and quality of service, according to our 623 Real Reviews, FreedomVoice‘s customer support team is not only informative but also handles issues promptly. Their dedication to customer service lead them to be the #2 rated phone room company despite issues with their interface.

FreedomVoice may not be feasible for medium to large sized businesses as they have extra fees for specific features and these charges can pile up as you spend more time on their software.

#2 - FreedomVoice

623 Real Reviews
Overall Satisfaction
623 Real Reviews 86%
Customer Service
623 Real Reviews 86%
Would Recommend To Others
623 Real Reviews 85%
Value For Money
623 Real Reviews 86%, For The Home Business ranked as our user’s third-recommended VoIP system. Their base VoIP features set is included in all their plans. One of the reasons why scored lower compared to the #1-user-reccomended Telesero is because can get expensive for larger businesses. Unless you are working from home or only have a few dialers in your company, may not be for you. They also scored lower than Telesero & FreedomVoice for their slower than average wait time for tech support. Overall, is perfect for those who have small businesses but may not be the solution for you.


1,251 Real Reviews
Overall Satisfaction
1,251 Real Reviews 85%
Customer Service
1,251 Real Reviews 74%
Would Recommend To Other
1,251 Real Reviews 77%
Overall Satisfaction
1,251 Real Reviews 77%
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