The Best Lead Generation Company of 2019

The Best Lead Generation Company of 2019

Thomas Whitcomb

Businesses need to create sales to thrive. It is vital for a business of any level to have customers, which are becoming increasingly harder to find and win over in today’s competitive atmosphere. A good lead generation company is no longer optional if your company revolves around sales in any capacity, but choosing the right provider for your needs can be extremely costly and downright frustrating.

As one of the internet’s top consumer rating engines, we noticed that the same lead generation companies come up in user reviews time after time, and seemingly for good reason.

TIP: AVOID these sites as they scored the lowest in customer reviews,,,, and These sites all seemed to aggregate old leads that were purchased from other sources. They’re basically very low-quality public directories.

Qualities of a Good Lead Generation Company

You should expect fresh leads that convert

This means you should expect your leads to have recently filled out a form or spoken to somebody requesting information on your product or service.

They should be able to provide good marketing services so you can reach every potential customer

Whether its through rebuilding your whole online brand, running a simple email campaign, or even giving free advice on things you could do to boost traffic to your business, a good marketing team will be able to give your business the image it needs to drive traffic to you.

Ability to get targeted leads for sales

A good lead generation company will be able to narrow down their reach to your perfect customer so you can save money and time by not chasing false leads. In the case of The Lead Feed, this is all done by their proprietary AI system, which is why they seem to be miles ahead of their competitors as far as our user ratings go.

You should expect good customer service

Aside from bogus leads, junky customer service is the second biggest user complaint on RealReviews when it comes to lead generation companies. Your lead provider should be grateful for your business, hands down.

You should NOT buy leads that have been recycled a hundred times over

This is obvious, but don’t fall for low quality “scam” providers, or brokers masquerading as lead generators.

The Highest User-Rated Lead Generation Company:

CompanyBenefitsUser RatingsTry Now!

The Lead Feed earned our users’ #1 spot with their top tier-customer service, proprietary A.I. lead generation engine, and affordable flat percentage rates. They set up a portal for you so that you can easily see every lead as soon as the potential customer inquires online. They can also send your leads through email, text message, any crm, APIs, or any other basic webhook.

Most lead generation companies don’t service other marketing needs, while most marketing companies can’t generate leads as well as a lead generation expert can. The actually offers every marketing service you could possibly need. With a decent budget, you can say goodbye to your marketing department and hire sales guys to handle all the leads coming in.

Thomas Whitcomb is the senior marketing systems analyst at He graduated with top honors at Harvard Business School and oversees all editing for his department.

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