Otterbox Pursuit Phone Case

Otterbox Pursuit Phone Case
Otterbox Pursuit Phone Case

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The Otterbox Pursuit is one of the slimmest additions to the Otterbox lineup. Our reviewers appreciated the light weight, non-bulky design that does not sacrifice any of the legendary protection that Otterbox has become famous for. If you are looking for a new protective case the Otterbox Pursuit is a great choice.

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The Otterbox pursuit is an advanced case for smartphones notable not only for its light weight and slim profile but also for its rugged protection and advanced feature set.

Otterbox boats that the pursuit is their thinnest and toughest case of all time calling the Pursuit an ultra-rugged case in an ultra-thin frame.  The pursuit is engineered to allow full access to your phones key buttons and features with integrated volume controls and easily activated switches for other buttons on your phone.  The open design of the front allows the Pursuit to minimize weight, and the case is designed to be compatible with screen protectors including Alpha Glass.  Otterbox has also included an integrated attachment for a lanyard at the base of the case, and the Pursuit features a proprietary PursuiTech port seal which protects the charging ports and speakers of your phone from debris and the elements.

The Pursuit is build to the standards of Otterbox who are known for having some of the very most protective cases avaialbe for smartphones, and the Pursuit is no exception to these standards.  Featuring its PursuiTech Impact-Liner, the case liner is engineered to withstand maximum impact with internal ribbing providing ridgidity and structural security against falls.  The liner also works to seal out dirt, mud, snow, and dust keeping your phone clean and in top shape. 

Gone are the days when Otterbox cases were bulky and unweidly. These days, Otterboxes come in all sorts of colors and models for most major phone brands. The new design aspects did not compromise the Otterbox cases ability to protect your phone. You now have a couple different models to choose from.

The top rated model is the Otterbox Pursuit. With its super slim and lightweight design and incredible drop protection, it is hard to find a better mix of functionality, comfort, and aesthetics.

The Otterbox Pursuit has come a long way from when it was first introduced. One of the reasons it is so  popular is because it is available for many different phone brands, whether its an iPhone, Samsung, LG, or Google phone, there is a version for you.

This year’s Otterbox Pursuit case comes with big changes, all improvements compared to previous versions.  Otterbox describes the Pursuit as it’s “thinnest, toughest, and most protective case.” 

Most of our reviewers stated that they felt completely comfortable with dropping their phones, and some even mentioned they purposely threw their iPhone 11s because they trusted that the Otterbox Pursuit would protect their phones.

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