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Cell Phone Camera Lens

Voted # 1
Xenvo Pro Lens Kit
2,318 Real Reviews 97%
  • Universal
    Compatible with all single and dual-camera phones
  • Award Winning Quality
    Official mobile phone lens of the 60th-anniversary Grammy Awards program
  • 2 Shooting Modes
    Shoots in 0.45xTruView wide angle lens and 15x Clarus Macro Lens
  • LED Fill Light
    Clips anywhere on your phone to instantly illuminate your subject and surroundings for that perfect shot
Moment - Wide Lens
503 Real Reviews 98%
  • Compatible with Most Phones
    Lens works with Iphone, Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and OnePlus cell phones
  • Photo Quality
    Capture 2x more picture with a multi-element glass design that provides edge to edge clarity
  • Design
    Made from premium cinema grade glass, aerospace grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses
  • Video
    2x Larger picture opens up new levels of filming videos allowing you to capture 4K slow motion video
MACTREM Phone Camera Lens
1,098 Real Reviews 95%
  • 9 in 1 Kit
    Includes marco lens, wide angle lens, fisheye lens, eye cup, telephoto lens, travel case, tripod, cloth, and clip
  • No More Blurry or Dark Photos
    Macro lens can realize 25 times magnification target, shooting fantastic close-up pictures
  • Compatible with Most Phones
    Compatible with iPhone 8 7 6 6s Plus X XS XR Samsung
  • Multi-coated Optical Lens
    The multi-coated optical lens ensures superior light transmittance, highly restore to original colors
AUKEY Ora iPhone Camera Lens
789 Real Reviews 93%
  • Premium Lenses
    2-in-1 Lens Kit includes a 140° Wide-Angle Lens and a 10x Macro Lens
  • Prime Design
    Crafted with aluminum alloy for high durability & deluxe feel, and coated multi-element glass to minimize issues
  • Versatile Phone Upgrade
    Unlock the potential of your smartphone camera and discover unique perspectives for stunning images
  • Fits on Any Smartphones
    Easy to use, screw the lens onto the included clip and fix safely & securely onto your mobile device in moments

Let’s face it most people fall into one of two categories when it comes to smartphone photography. We have enthusiasts that have their camera out all the time and casual smartphone users. We know how difficult it can be when it comes to taking photos with the manufactured camera on your phone. The images aren’t always perfect; some come out distorted, blurry, color shifts, or all of the above. So we put together this review to show you the top 4 best options of cell phone camera lenses on the market all under $130 to meet all of your mobile-photography needs. Cell phone camera lens are useful in every way to anyone who is trying to get more out of their phone’s built-in camera for even just a better picture in general.

Some lenses are inexpensive, easy to use, and fit in the palm of your hand, attach it to your phone with a clip or magnet, and start producing outstanding results in moments. Using lenses such as these gives you imaging capabilities of a budget-friendly point-and-shoot camera, and will help up your Instagram game. Think wide-angle, fish-eye photos, telephoto images, and macro lenses. They allow your subject to seem either closer to you or farther away from you without decreasing resolution much. This simulates the effect you’d get from a mirrorless camera or DSLR when switching lenses. For the mobile-photography enthusiasts, you may consider higher-quality lenses that are heavier and more costly but deliver exceptional results. For instance, the Moment-Wide Lens makes the highest quality attachment lenses on the market, used for high-end 4K film lenses. These higher-priced lenses capture beautiful, sharp, and straight images without fish-eye distortion.

We have the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit at an affordable price of just under $40 and loaded with features to offer. First of all, these mobile-lens are compatible to fit with any single and dual camera phone, including Ipads, and tablets. The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit comes equipped with two lenses, one being a TruView 0.45 wide-angle lens giving you an expanded view of 140 degrees. Capture 45% more picture with every shot, and no more worrying about dark corners. The other lens is the Clarus 15x Macro Lens giving you the option to shoot crystal clear precision-focus detailed close-ups magnifying any nearby objects. Another great feature is the glow clip rechargeable LED fill light for all the selfie queens out there and for phone-photographers that shoot in the dark or dim light. It clips anywhere on your phone to immediately brighten your subject and surroundings with constant warm light. The warm and natural LED light will be preferred to your smartphone’s built-in flash that can be blinding and cause photos to look unnatural, especially in darker environments and venues. The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit features 3 adjustable brightness settings Low, Medium, and High for the perfect lighting. Get ready to say goodbye to photo “retakes” and hello to excellent photos the first time.

Once you purchase this, you won’t ever go back to your original mobile-camera. To ensure your lenses stay on your phone, the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit designed the tru-grip lens clip with soft rubber pads. It offers superior gripping power to fasten your lenses to your cell phone while you’re using it. Xenvo Pro Lens is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and premium optical glass for durability and precision. Multi-element, coated glass lenses reduce ghosting, reflections, and lens flare. With the included quick-release lanyard protective travel case, it makes it convenient for taking your Xenvo lenses with you anywhere. While the quick-release lanyard is the perfect way to carry your lenses with you on your next outing, drape the lanyard and lens around your neck and go. Last but not least, the lifetime warranty, yes, that’s right if it breaks they replace it so when you purchase the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit you’ll have it for life.

Based on 2,318 Real Reviews
2,318 Real Reviews 96%
Picture Quality
2,318 Real Reviews 95%
2,318 Real Reviews 91%
Value for Money
2,318 Real Reviews 93%

Editor's Choice:

For our enthusiastic smartphone photographers that are concerned about high-quality images and a durable mounting system. Moment lenses are priced just under $120 and worth the investment, with a lifetime warranty included. Moment designs are optimized for performance on the phone, providing you with an edge to edge clarity and a true 18mm focal length. Unlike cheaper plastic lenses, which can slightly discredit your images, Moment’s wide lenses use premium cinema-grade glass optics that captures 2x more of pictures— and with aerospace-grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses.

Take your footage to the next level with the Moments 18mm Wide Lens bringing cinema level optics to mobile photography, and it is the most advanced lens they have ever made, not to mention the highest-quality attachment lens on the market. These lens capture smartphone photos and videos that are beautiful, sharp, and straight, without any fish-eye distortion across the entire frame. You will immediately notice a dramatic difference with more in the picture. Great for any occasion, landscaping, real estate, travel, parties, and more! The only downside to these cell phone camera lenses is that they require a moment phone case in order to attach it on your phone.

Based on 503 Real Reviews
Easy to Use
503 Real Reviews 97%
Picture Quality
503 Real Reviews 97%
503 Real Reviews 94%
503 Real Reviews 93%

The MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit comes with all the bells and whistles at just a fraction of the cost coming in just under $32. And with all the extra features and attachments, it well worth the purchase. We know it can be hard to get that full photo or that clear close up with your plain old camera phone, but with MACTREM Phone Camera Lens, you won’t ever have that problem again. Say goodbye to blurry images with the multi-coated 10 layers of green coatings on the optical lens that MACTREM uses to ensure superior light transmittance that highly restores each image to original colors.

Included in the MACTREM Phone Camera Lens kit is a 20x telephoto lens with eyecup, perfect for capturing far-range videos and pictures at concerts, conventions, any sports games, and more! The 205° fish-eye lens will give your photos an ultra-wide-angle that produces strong visual distortion to provide a wide panoramic or hemispherical image. The 0.5X ultra-wide-angle lens allows you to fit more into the frame, capturing perfect scenes such as expansive scenes or cramped interiors. With the 25X super macro lens, you can focus in on any subject and get up close and personal with the detailed magnification the macro lens delivers. The phone lens ring on the universal clip is adjustable, which performs well on both the front and rear lens, as well as single and dual cameras. Conveniently slide it to aim at the center of the primary camera. Our favorite part about the MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit is the tripod that is included. With the tripod, you can easily angel and shoot photos for both motion and still photography or videos with stability. (pairs well with the telephoto lens) This phone lens kit is designed with an elegant aluminum alloy housing, which allows you to rotate the objective ring easily and adjust the focus. MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit provides impeccable user experience and created for long-lasting durability, making it possible for the user to capture great pictures wherever you are.

Broaden Your Horizons with the AUKEY Ora camera lens, picture more than before with your smartphone camera. Give yourself the opportunity to use your smartphone camera to its full potential. Discover unique perspectives for stunning images. Take your phone photography to the next level with the striking 140° wide-angle lens that will open up your range of view for breathtaking scenery photos. AUKEY Ora Camera lens provides you with the ability to shoot large group photos, selfies, vast cityscapes, expansive landscapes, and a whole lot more. With the simple set up of just clipping it on and focusing, you will be ready to produce beautiful, crystal-clear images that let you hold on to the moment.

Capture ultra-sharp images with the premium 10x Macro Lens close-up photos of any objects or to highlight interesting details and textures of larger ones. Fascinate your audience with astonishing views of tiny subjects and environments and encounter little worlds that are so rarely seen. Travel anywhere with these compact lenses to view the world with a new set of eyes, and when purchasing these lenses, you’ll receive a two-year replacement warranty. The premium design of the AUKEY Ora phone camera lens is crafted with aluminum alloy to guarantee high durability & give that deluxe feel. The coated multi-element glass serves to minimize ghosting, reflections, lens flare, and other light deficiencies.

Summary: Smartphone cameras throughout the years have gotten better and still continue to do so, yet they still have limitations. Thus, the creation of lens attachments for smartphones to further expand its capabilities by letting you take fish-eye, wide-angle, macro, and telephoto pictures, opening up new possibilities with smartphone photography. We did this review based on the capabilities and convenience for all users because we know this day and age when you need to take a photo you automatically pull out your cell phone instead of running to the closet to grab your Canon Camera that you barely use. With that in mind, the flexibility of having interchangeable lenses to your smartphone’s camera is ideal. Not only are these small attachments easier for you to carry around while your out and about, but they actually bring high-quality to the table. They are perfect for every occasion, parties, selfies, travel, large landscapes, and so much more. Upgrade your regular smartphone camera today with these cell phone camera lens attachments, and you won’t be disappointed. Having the leisure of small lenses for your phone that you could easily toss into your backpack or back pocket is ideal for convenience. The fact that they are easy to attach onto your phone makes them even better.

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