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Summary of Review: CialRX is an all natural male enhancement product that can help with libido, erection, length of erections, as well as boost energy.  It is a great alternative for those who don’t want to take prescription medications, and reviews favor CialRX for it’s safe formula.

What is CialRX?

CialRX is a safe all-natural male enhancement product that was designed to help men revive their libido, reduce anxiety, help with erections as well as the length of erections.  CialRX also claims its formula can help give you an increase in penis size.

CialRX does not require a prescription for it’s powerful formula because the ingredients are all natural and safe.  There are no known side effects of taking CialRX, and the company claims there are no hidden ingredients.

How Does CialRX Work?

Our reviewers noted beneficial effects from taking CialRX such as increased libido and a longer sex drive.  Users also noticed a boost in energy levels, and that may be because CialRX has tons of natural ingredients that have been known to boost testosterone levels.

The ingredients in CialRX can help renew your sex drive by boosting your libido. One of the active ingredients is icariin, an extract of the Epimedium plant, aka Horny Goat Weed. You’ve probably seen horny goat weed on countless ED pills, and if you’ve ever wondered if it helps with erectile dysfunctions, you’d be glad to know it does. Icariin works by inhibiting PDE5 activity, which blocks the dilation of arteries in a penis. This allows your blood to fill in the penis to create an erection.

Alan P.
Alan P.
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I was too embarssed to go see my doctor about my erection issues, so I ordered CialRX. I can't believe it actually works, that's the best part. I wasn't expecting CialRX to work but now I feel more confident in the sheets. You guys have to try this if you're getting there in age.

CialRX also contains Tongkat Ali, which is derived from the root of Eurycoma longifolia. Not only does Tongkat Ali contain tons of antioxidants that can right cellular damage, but it is also infamous for its ability to boost male testosterone. In fact, a 2010 study shows that when participants who suffered from infertility took Tongkat Ali extract, they were able to increase their sperm volume and motility. Over 14% of participants were able to bear children.

Stinging nettle root can be found in CialRX. The benefit of stinging nettle root for men’s vitality is widely known in the bodybuilding world for its ability to boost free testosterone. Stinging nettle root contains lignans, which are substances that bind to SHBG, a sex hormone-binding globulin. This is important to note as SHBG is known to bind to testosterone, not allowing your body to take advantage of its benefits. There is also evidence that with the addition of saw palmetto (which is also found in CialRX), stinging nettle can block testosterone from becoming estrogen.

Who Should Use CialRX

Cial RX Male Enhancement is excellent for those who are having difficulty with low sex drive, or lack of endurance in bed. CialRX can also help those who are feeling the effects of low testosterone by providing a natural alternative to synthetic steroids. Because the ingredients in CialRX have been shown to increase free testosterone, men over the age of 35 can benefit from CialRX. That’s because the testosterone levels of men decline with each passing year around 30. The bottom line is CialRX is a great product for those who are suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone, a lack of libido, or for those who just want to enhance their sex life.

Tim B.
Tim B.
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I feel rejuvenated after taking CialRX. I've been taking it for 30 days so I feel great. I feel like I have more energy and like I'm 20 years old again. The truth is my lady friend is 24 and I just turned 47, I just couldn't bear to not keep my woman happy. I'm so glad I took CialRX. I even think my little john is longer, sorry if that's too much information. Just wanted to share that with my fellow men.

Is CialRX Safe?

CialRX utilizes a blend of sex-enhancing ingredients that are all-natural. Because CialRX is an all-natural formula, there is a high chance that you won’t get any side effects unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the bottle. You also won’t need a prescription for CialRX because of its safe, all-natural formula.

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