Death and Taxes, Life Insurance Simplified.

Life Continues Long After You're Gone

Whether we like to admit it or not, death is inevitable. We are all going to die someday. We can push it off, try not to think about it, prolong it as long as possible, or ignore it, but one way or another, everyone will eventually die. It may seem like a morose thing to discuss, but the basic acceptance of the fact that we all come with an expiration date can help us better prepare for our loved one’s futures. Life insurance is designed to protect your family and loved ones who depend on you for support. Your policy will pay a death benefit to the beneficiary that you have on your policy. Life insurance is easier to get than ever, and you may want to have some even if you don’t think you need it.  

So the worst has happened, you have passed on. There’s nothing that you can do about it now. You’re Gone!  Sorry to say but that is the reality. That means that your children, wife, husband, parents, etc are going to have to go on without you. Now obviously this will cause a tremendous amount of emotional strain, but what about the financial? The last thing you want the people you love worrying about when you’re gone is about how to pay for the funeral, how to pay the mortgage, how to pay for the next semester of school or whatever plethora of financial responsibilities that could potentially arise after your passing.   

When first navigating the world of health insurance, it can be a daunting task. We’ll try to look at it from the most simple perspective here, and hopefully, illustrate why you should consider getting coverage now. Life insurance helps with a multitude of potential issues. Replacing lost income, covering burial expenses, paying off debt, college planning, diversifying investments, estate taxes and peace of mind are just some of the reasons why someone would want to get a life insurance policy. We can take these reasons one at a time to dissect why they are so important.  Or simply click here to use a FREE no sign up life insurance calculator

Why You Should Consider Life Insurance

Your family is used to you having a paycheck consistently. There is no way to deny that when someone passes away, the income that their family has become accustomed to surviving on will no longer be at their disposal. One of life insurance’s main purposes is to provide financial security for your loved ones if you pass away. With adequate coverage, you won’t leave the people you care about unable to deal with the immediate and day to day finances that aren’t going away just because you have passed on.

Funerals cost money. It seems like that last thing we should be worrying about when burying a loved one, but recent numbers show basic funeral costs to be around $9000. This only includes basic services like the viewing and burial, service fees, transporting remains to a funeral home, a basic casket, embalming, and other preparation. These costs DO NOT include things such as a cemetery, monument, marker, flowers, etc. When people are grieving the loss of a loved one, not having to worry about paying for such a service is a huge weight off their shoulders. 

Many of us live in debt. The average American has around $38,000 in debt. Unfortunately for your family, your debt does not necessarily go away when you die. If, for instance, you and your spouse co-signed for something, your spouse will then become responsible for repayment themselves. Creditors can all try to collect from your estate, which would leave your potential heirs with far less money and resources than they could have received. Click here to calculate your insurance policy quote and see how much you can save for your loved ones.

Also, life insurance can help your children with student loans if they are older or already in college and borrowing money. It is nice to know you can still give to your children even though you are no longer around. The peace of mind you are giving them and yourself can be invaluable. 

Life insurance can be used as an investment tool. Universal life policies tie your policy to a certain investment product or group of products. Policyholders can receive dividend payouts based on how the product or group-there-of perform. There are potential risks to this kind of policy, but for a savvy investor, it is yet another way to make more money and to diversify one’s portfolio. 

You’ve worked your whole life to build your business from the ground up, but what is to happen to your company if something happens to you? Did you start your company with a partner? Do they have life insurance? Getting life insurance as a business planning tool will help assure that your legacy stays intact. Your years of hard work will not go to waste. If you have a company with a partner you should also both have insurance so that the company can continue to thrive if something happens to either of you.

With technological advancements, making the medical underwriting process so much simpler and streamlining the industry, life insurance costs are at some of the lowest rates ever seen. What used to take months can now be done sometimes in a matter of hours. Life Insurance companies have also diversified their interests, allowing them more flexibility in the plans they can give and lower rates due to other forms of profit. Because of the falling rates of life insurance, someone might ask why they shouldn’t just wait to get a plan until the price goes even lower?  It is now easier to get a free instant life insurance quote online. Click here to calculate your  life insurance costs.

Although it’s been mentioned throughout, there is nothing that can quantify what the peace of mind you’ll be giving yourself and the people you love is worth. You care for those whom you love, and life insurance gives you the ability to care for them even when you are no longer around. It is the most prudent and rational thing someone can do for their family. Conversely, it is also a great provider of serenity for yourself, knowing that you have done the right thing for those you love and who depend on you. Life insurance takes out the “what if” from the list of worries every person has. Whether you are buying life insurance for your kids, your spouse, your elderly parents, or just do that no one will have to pay for your funeral but yourself, you have made a pragmatic decision financially and emotionally.

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