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Funding Tree wants to build a customer-first relationship within the merchant services industry.   Funding Tree focuses on providing a variety of flexible payment solutions for the modern business owner.  Funding Tree provides, a unique integrated plan that focuses on keeping on with the latest technology as well as keeping price in mind.

Funding Tree helps small businesses find access to working capital funding so they can focus on growing their business rather than stressing over finances.

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1395 Reviews

Excellent 80%
Great 16%
Average 4%
Poor 0%

The process was smooth and took less…

The process was smooth and took less then 24 hours
User: John J.
User Rating: 5/5 Excellent

My experience with Funding Tree has…

My experience with Funding Tree has been very good. The reps I work with have gone above and beyond with my needs.

The process was smooth and took less then 24 hours
User: David Loft
User Rating: 5/5 Excellent

Easy to understand, fast process…

Easy to understand, fast process, fast response.  It surprised me how fast it was for me to get a response from the company.

User Rating: 5/5 Excellent.



User: JANE E
User Rating: 3/5 Average.

Quick to respond. Got what i …

Quick to respond. Got what i needed, not everything of course but what i needed at the right moment.

User: Joey D
User Rating: 4/5 Great.

What Real Reviews Thinks

Real Reviews Grade

Customer Service 90%
Customer Satisfaction 85%
Response Time 90%
Quality of Service 90%

Funding Tree is known for it’s fast response time and customer service. Their system works because they work with hundreds of lenders to get you multiple plans to choose from.  They have a very simple non-invasive sign up process that takes less than 8 minutes to see if you qualify for the loan you need.  Average response time is typically the same day.  They also have the best plans and technology for the merchant cash services industry.  Real Reviews see’s it as the best online service for any merchant service because of their simple easy to use process.  They will help you get the tools you need to grow your business, and it helps that every merchant gets their own personal Funding Tree associate.  Real Reviews grades Funding Tree with a 9.9.

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