Here’s How Companies are Replacing Jobs with Computers

As technological innovations continue evolving faster every day, many businesses across all sectors have been able to replace entire departments with simple software programs designed to automate mundane tasks. Other departments, however, contain a human element that has yet to be fully automated. With the aid of smart software programs and advanced machinery, workers in many industries can now efficiently complete the same amount of work that previously took 5 employees to finish.

While we hear about the rise of an AI workforce all over the news, and may even see a touch-screen terminal at a fast food restaurant where have ordered our lunch from a human previously, we have to wonder what kind of programs are being used outside of the public eye. Are we really as technologically advanced as the news would like us to believe, and invest our dollars in to?

To find the answer to that question, we checked our user reviews of “Automation and Workforce Management Software”, and found that the most well-received and beloved automation software is an easy-to-use business powerhouse called Telesero.

Telesero is an automation tool built for businesses that need to communicate with current customers, or prospect for potential new customers, which is almost every business. It’s the perfect example for us to illustrate the power of tech to scale a company’s communications, customer service, and workforce management operations with ease.

With the proper implementation of a full stack automation suite like Telesero, businesses of any kind (even service businesses like HVAC) can increase their sales and outreach exponentially. Since the proliferation of clientele is one of the most important things a business can do, Telesero automates this outreach process and removes a business’ need for expensive pay-per-click campaigns or sales people.

Many businesses plan their objectives perfectly and meticulously, and still have an undesired result at the end of the process. In the age of AI, this is no longer a mystery to companies using automation platforms. Telesero, for example, helps automatically define any weak points in a business’ communication process, and then automates the new workflow going forward, enabling operational efficiency and drastically reducing human error. With the AI technology automatically producing a more customer-tailored experience, businesses can now keep their workforce on the task at hand, creating and managing customers automatically as opposed to dealing with a confusing manual system.

The Telesero software places a strong emphasis on nurturing positive business relationships through automation. The “one-size-fits-all” approach to communications previously used by the last generation of businesses has officially gone extinct thanks to business automation suites. Proprietary collaboration and transparency mechanisms give Telesero a unique advantage in the business automation space, allowing for a “hands-off” autopilot approach customer communications across all major channels, including automated SMS text messaging sent directly to your clients’ mobile phones.

Telesero allows users to create and maintain a competitive advantage by enabling the reach of up to 5 million potential clients each day using their “omnichannel broadcasting platform.” With their “Automated Dialing Scheduler,” a business can focus in on peak times, automatically scheduling the most amount of calls for those opportune times – automatically choosing which sales members are available and most likely to perform the best on the call with that specific customer.

The automation still goes deeper. Telesero has also implemented a “Dynamic Caller ID Mapping” system that automatically identifies the outbound caller ID of a customer, which increases the amount of answered calls a business will receive. The more answered calls, the more chances a sales team will have to deliver their presentation and get the deal signed. Finally, with the SMS Contact Suite, you can keep an open dialogue along with your customers and send the SMS messages using the SMS suite. All of these systems are fully automated to help increase workforce efficiency.

When it comes to compliance, companies have previously spent enormous amounts of their free cash on legal fees and auditors.  Business automation suites now help automate the compliance process. Due to the number of illicit phone call centers out there, and the amount of federal and state regulations on calling potential clients, it is imperative for a business to stay up on all the potential legal implications that come from outbound calling. Telesero helps take anxiety and compliance costs out of a company’s hands by utilizing “Do-Not-Call” blocking using the Federal, State, and Direct Marketing Association (DMA) lists.

With Telesero being just one prime example of business automation software, you can begin to understand the vast, largely unearthed potential of AI and automation software going forward. The truth is, we really are as far technologically as the news would like us to believe, but most people are unaware of how to utilize the technology for themselves or their business.

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