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Instacart Reviews

Instacart Reviews

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Summary of Instacart Reviews: Instacart is a home delivery food service bringing food from known grocery stores straight to your front door, but food isn’t the only thing. The company is expanding its services to provide delivery of pet food and alcohol. The Instacart reviews say the ease of ordering on the app from your phone for same-day delivery takes grocery shopping to the next level. Don’t stress; let Instacart shop for you for any occasion so you can focus on other tasks.

Amanda K.
Amanda K.
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I used Instacart when my husband and I were sharing a car. I wanted to cook dinner but didn't have a way to get to the grocery store, so I tried Instacart through Publix, and I definitely recommend it. It said that my food was supposed to be delivered by 4 and I received it by 3, so that shows to me that they really try to get the product to you as fast as possible.

What is Instacart?

Instacart is an online grocery delivery service, and one of the fastest-growing organizations in America. Customers can download the app onto their mobile device, order groceries from their local stores, and receive them at the convenience of their home. Our Instacart reviews say they feel the service puts you in control, you choose a delivery timeframe, the app alerts you with who is picking up your items and what time they will be arriving, and it’s smooth sailing from there.

Where is Instacart Available?

Instacart’s delivery services are accessible in thousands of cities around the world, and they’re continually growing to new markets. Use their app or website to check if delivery through Instacart is available in your area.

Alexandra H.
Alexandra H.
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My husband and I have recently found Instacart, and it is amazing. It is helpful to me as a mother with so many things to do throughout the day; having easy access to Instacart makes things so much easier. Whether you just need a few things and don't want to drag the kids along to go or are just tired after a long day and don't want to go to the store, it's a perfect option for everyone.

Organic Grocery Delivery to Your Door

Who loves good, organic, wholesome food? Well, with Instacart, purchasing fresh organic food is easier than ever. Instacart has partnered up with the leading distributors of natural and organic foods. With delivery in as quick as 1 hour, you now have the opportunity to conveniently and affordably order organic groceries and have them delivered straight to your door.

The Ordering Experience

After you log in, the first thing to do is choose from which grocery store you want to order from. There are many to choose from, like, Publix, Whole Foods, Aldi, Costco, and so much more. Yes, we said it Costco, turns out by using Instacart, you are not required to have a membership to Costco. Instacart will allow you to order all the bulk food items you desire from Costco, with no club membership needed. Once you pick your preferred store, you may shop by category or search items by name or brand with a wide variety of everything inside the store, and you are sure to find your favorite foods and drinks if your not sure don’t worry pictures are provided. If you ordered an item that is out of stock before placing your order, Instacart allows you to choose substitutions for those items. There’s also an option to have your personal shopper contact you to confirm any replacement purchases.

How Instacart prices its food

When you first use Instacart after you gather your order together, you may assume all prices were original store prices; however, that is not the case. Instacart prices go both ways; some products are marked up; others appear to be lower prices tend to vary depending on the store prices (except for alcoholic beverages). The company’s pricing strategy isn’t evident on the main page.

 If you notice an item you ordered something that is priced inaccurately or unfairly, please feel free to reach out to the company. Instacart reserves the right to cancel things that are priced incorrectly due to error. Instacart also states on Twitter, “sometimes, our prices are lower or higher than the stores’ prices, sometimes they are the same.”

Cherish D.
Cherish D.
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Love love, love Instacart! I use it once a week, and if I'm having a party at the house, I no longer need to send my husband back out to the store if I forget something we just Instacart. The prices aren't as low as the grocery store I'll admit, which is a con. I recommend this for busy families who just don't have enough time to go grocery shopping every week or families with young children.

Why Instacart?

  • Instacart delivers fresh groceries
  • Great prices from a wide variety of stores
  • All your favorite local stores
  • Personal shoppers pick all the highest quality items for you
  • Delivered in as soon as 1 hour

Overall, Instacart has made its name through headlining news stations like NBC, CNN, ABC, USA Today, and so many more as well as featuring in Forbes. The affordable and convenient food and alcohol delivery services have gone off the charts since the company began in 2012, expanding all across North America and into Canada. It is an estimated 8 billion-dollar trusted company providing excellent customer service to all of its customers. Based on what we gathered through personal experience and Instacart reviews is that you can expect great service through Instacart even though the pricing varies, it is worth it in the end if you have things to do or are just too tired after a long day of work to run into the store, you can simply order from the app and have it brought to you instead.

Max S.
Max S.
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I highly recommend using Instacart. Especially if you are limited on time and need groceries, this is a good option to get the food you need without leaving your home. Scheduling deliveries makes it easy to plan to be home. I do find the process is more expensive through Instacart than it would be in store, but you are paying for convenience. I would recommend the app.

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