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Lender Builder has an easy online digital application with a fast approval rate that can provide users with quotes in minutes.  30-60 month loans available.

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Website: linklinklink.com
Gary, Indiana

457 Reviews

Excellent 67%
Great 20%
Average 9%
Poor 4%

Still waiting!!!…

Still waiting!!! I  can’t get a reply anywhere for the quote i was provided. i tried calling them, it’s been about 4 days since i applied online.

User: Jimmy J.
User Rating: 4/10

I was surprised at how..

I was surprised at how fast i got a response! i was able to get a loan for around 7k which was a surprise as well! thanks especially FRANK R!!!

User: Jackie L.
User Rating: 10/10

I cannot understand..

The form can someone help me? do they have live chat? i believe i’ve filled it out and submitted but not sure as i have no recieved any contact saying i have done so.

User: Justin Austin
User Rating: 4/10

I have enjoyed my experience..

I have enjoyed my experience with lender builder, their process is quick and they gave me multiple options to work with.

User: Josh Randall
User Rating: 7/10

So far so good…

So far so good. i have always been afraid of getting a loan but i took a chance as my business needed new equipment.  now it’s just a matter of wondering if it was all worth it!

User: Logan W.
User Rating: 8/10

What Real Reviews Thinks

Real Reviews Grade

Customer Service 55%
Customer Satisfaction 60%
Response Time 70%
Quality of Service 80%

Lender Builder is an online personal loan company.  Lender Builder works with those looking for financing up to 10 thousand dollars.  Taking into account the votes of our users Real Reviews gives Lender Builder a score of 4/10 as it is difficult to get in touch with their customer service.

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