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Lending Circle is a finance driven company that wants to help you grow! We have low rates for personal loans.  Lending Circle knows that it can be hard to take your business to the next level, but Lending Circle believes in giving people a chance.

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Website: linklinklink.com
Columbia, Maryland

893 Reviews

Excellent 67%
Great 20%
Average 9%
Poor 4%

Lending Circle helped me..

Lending Circle helped me get what i needed but i need more.
User: Keisha L.
User Rating: 5/5 Excellent

I got what i needed…

I got what i needed but it’s hard to get in touch with someone familiar

User: Patty L.
User Rating: 3/5 Average

Tried calling…

Tried calling while i was waiting for my transaction to go through, Nick was very patient with me.

User: Tony R.
User Rating: 5/5 Excellent.



User Rating: 3/5 Average.

Quick to respond. Got what i …

Quick to respond. Got what i needed, not everything of course but what i needed at the right moment.

User: Joey D
User Rating: 4/5 Great.

What Real Reviews Thinks

Real Reviews Grade

Customer Service 70%
Customer Satisfaction 80%
Response Time 80%
Quality of Service 80%

Lending Circle is a lending company that is based out of Columbia, Maryland.  They work with your needs to find the best company.  It is hard to get in touch with a representative that knows your needs when you do not have a personal one that keeps up with you, but that doesn’t mean they have horrible customer service.  Real Reviews gives them a grade of 9.5

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