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Milestone Credit Card Reviews

Milestone Credit Card Reviews

1,132 Reviews
Improved Credit
1,132 Reviews 90%
Overall Satisfaction
1,132 Reviews 85%
Terms and Fees
1,132 Reviews 85%
Would Recommend To Others
1,132 Reviews 86%

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8.5/ 10

Summary of Review: The Milestone credit card reviews say it all, the easy application, quick approval, and fees. All worth it when it comes to rebuilding your credit or starting from a fresh start. It’s improved customer’s credit scores and has given people a new chance to start over when it comes to their credit. The Milestone credit card reviews say the card is ideal for people who need assistance in building credit. This company is judgment-free and approves people with bad credit.

Society has grown to become increasingly reliant on credit to make purchases and financial decisions. Having a good credit score is utilized for more than just getting that credit card or loan you want. Credit scores are a way to validate your history of paying your debts on time to companies that loan you money.

Due to people overextending themselves beyond their means, many people fall short, resulting in not being able to pay their debts. At the same time, general living expenses take a toll on the average paychecks. Businesses do have good reason to require you to have good credit before providing products or services on credit.

Even employers are beginning to run credit checks to see whether they can trust you with company finances or assets. If you have an adverse history of not being financially stable, you may even run into problems with finding a job.

Before you can purchase a home, mortgage lenders need to verify that you won’t fall behind on your mortgage payments. When providing a low credit score, you more than likely to make the lender leery, resulting in a denial or high-interest rate. Your credit overall affects your interest rate. Interest rates affect your monthly mortgage payment by either increasing or decreasing the expense you are being charged for. Low credit scores will cause a mortgage application or any general loan to be refused or approved with a higher rate. Even though you may not be currently in the market for a new home, your credit score is still essential. Landlords also run credit reports to decide whether or not to rent to you. Property rental is a different form of a loan, and the owners want to be certain they will be paid.

Paula K.
Paula K.
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I like this card. I've had good experiences. It is as simple as this: Pay your bill on the date they give you every month, and there should be no issues. My only minor issue is that after you pay the bill, it takes the company a while to update your available credit line.

About Milestone Gold Card

Start building your credit today! The Milestone Gold Mastercard represents one expected success on your mission to successfully building a good credit score. By producing a straightforward opportunity to grow and obtain credit, the Milestone credit card allows you to meet your daily needs. Take satisfaction in your development, and let the Milestone Gold Mastercard drive you forward in life.


  • When getting pre-qualified, you can determine your qualification for a Milestone Gold Mastercard with no impact on your credit score.

Responsible Credit

  • The use of your Milestone Gold Mastercard can aid in improving your credit score as they report to the three main credit bureaus in the US.

Who is Milestone

  • The Milestone name is not a well-known name, but their company has been in the business for over 12 years providing credit to many people in the US.
Jerry W.
Jerry W.
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This card is great. It gave me an opportunity to rebuild my credit. I made some mistakes when I was younger and now that I'm 27 I want to buy a house but need to work on my credit for that and this is exactly what this Mastercard is doing for me.

Their Team

The Bank of Missouri is the founding company for the Milestone Gold Mastercard within a party, including Genesis FS Card Services. The Bank of Missouri is an FDIC-insured bank established in 1891.

Genesis FS Card Services, Inc. manages Mastercard accounts in North America. Known for its unique card products and service quality, Genesis FS Card Services and its origin, Genesis Financial Solutions, has specialized in assisting customers with weak or damaged credit to create a fresh start for over the last 12 years.

Milestone’s Customer Commitment

At Milestone the company strives to deliver a customer experience equivalent to a “superior” credit card company. Milestone credit card reviews rave about it! Account servicing is available online 24/7 at no extra cost. Your payment history is regularly reported to all three major credit bureaus, which if your account is remains in good standing, may be crucial to building and/or repairing your credit. Milestone Gold Mastercard: together, we go the distance.

Your Account- Viewable & Payable Online

With the 24/7 access to your Milestone Gold Mastercard account, you are able to view your statements, review your account balance and pay your bill all online. 

Monitoring Your Credit Score

Having quality credit protection is crucial. A criminal who uses your identity to take out fraudulent loans can destroy all the hard work you have put into establishing a solid credit history. With only a couple of details regarding your personal information, criminals can quickly rack up debts in your name, leaving behind outstanding loans and unpaid bills on your credit report. If that happens, it can take years of hassling to resolve the issue with lenders, police, and the credit bureaus, but that isn’t the only thing lenders look at on your credit history these days. Landlords, employers, cell phone companies, cable providers, and more may check your credit history before granting a position or service.

Ricardo B.
Ricardo B.
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The Milestone Mastercard is perfect, it has worked very well for me and improved my credit greatly. Even though I can not get a higher limit it still works well for minor charges I need to make. Also good for car rentals.

Credit basically has an effect on one’s everyday necessities including but not limited to-

Auto Loans
Business Loans
Living Expenses

You need good credit rates to live comfortably and with Milestone Gold Mastercard you can achieve just that. Read the Milestone credit card Reviews

Your credit determines basically everything, and it is essential to maintain it, by showing how you’ve paid your bills or not in the past. Many companies—landlords, mortgage lenders, utility providers, and so many more use your credit to foretell your future financial ability. Anytime you need to borrow funds, finance a necessary item, or set up services, your history of paying bills (your credit) is always taken into question. You can survive in the world with bad credit; however, it won’t be easy, and you’ll definitely have to pay the higher price on things. Building a good credit score will benefit you in the long run and will help you save money and make your life easier. Don’t believe us? Read the Milestone credit card reviews from real users and you’ll see why Milestone Mastercard is for you.

Leanna M.
Leanna M.
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While applying for this Milestone card, my plan was to rebuild my credit, and it served its purpose. I've contacted customer service a couple of times, and my experience was excellent, with no difficulties. I use online bill payments through my bank account, and my payments posted the next day. When I would use the card, I paid it off at the end of the month in full. Yes, you do have to pay an annual fee of $59, the interest rate is relatively high, and with no increases in the credit limit, it kinda stinks, but that's not surprising when a company is taking on the risk. This card is a stepping stone for those that are trying to get new credit or rebuilding. If you keep that on your mind, the card will work just fine for you.

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