New Sweepstakes Game Claims Big Wins, But Does it Really Pay?

10/16/2019 – Written by Samuel Klein

Stories of big cash prize wins are pouring in across the United States from lucky users of a new “Search to Win” program that has taken the nation by storm since its release earlier this year. This sweepstakes, unlike most others, claims not to require personal information until you win, which protects you from spam mail or phone calls. But is it too good to be true?

Dominique Williams, a 37 year old woman from Delray Beach, FL, stated, “I wanted to cook dinner so I looked up some chicken pot pie recipes. That’s when it happened.”

Upon clicking “search”, Dominique’s computer screen turned bright green and said “YOU WIN” – a message she knew could only come from one place – the free-to-play National Brand Survey browser extension.

“I’d had that installed for a couple days, it turned my main search page into the sweepstakes search. Each time I search there instead of Google or Yahoo I get another chance at winning.”

The National Brand Survey browser extension is gaining popularity as lucky winners are coming forward to describe their experiences with the totally free search-to-win program. The automatic installation takes less than 30 seconds, and simply changes your new tab page to a modified, sweepstakes friendly search powered by Google.

‘We’re happy to see people like Dominique winning prizes from our software. Incentivizing search allows us to offer a full sweepstakes to consumers just for doing something they already do while they’re browsing the internet at home. Now they can download this fun app that allows them to win big money.”, said Thomas Redmond, an executive for the sweepstakes giant.

We told RealReviews readers that we wanted to hear about their experiences with the free sweepstakes application, and the results came in at a SOLID 4.5 out of a possible 5 star rating. Check out the results below:

Based on 1,893 Real Reviews
Ease of Use
1,893 Real Reviews 93%
Cash Prize Payouts
1,893 Real Reviews 93%
Speed of Searches
1,893 Real Reviews 96%
Quality of Search Results
1,893 Real Reviews 99%

How It Works

  1. Click here to go to the National Brand Survey website.

  2. Download their browser extension, there is no sign up required!

  3. Simply start searching for things online for your chance to win up to $1,000 a day for life!



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This is an advertorial article and does not reflect a nonfictional situation. This article is written to promote a service, and therefore is dramatized to help better understand what a user’s best outcome may look like if they continue to use the product. This sponsored post is a paid message written by National Brand Survey and does not reflect the views or opinions of or its employees. 

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