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A Real Review of the OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T offers top-notch tools, including a lightning-speed processor and an extraordinary camera for hundreds of dollars less than its competitors. For US customers, it works on Verizon’s network. The OnePlus 6T is the most affordable, top-notch Android you can get. The battery life lasts more than 24 hours, even with heavy use. You can get almost 6 hrs of screen on time even after watching Movies, gaming, youtube, and general web/app usage. Even better, the included dash charger replenishes the battery extremely quickly. Videos are of high quality; other telephones in this price range can’t come close to the quality of the camera for photos.

Also, Night shots are solid. The OnePlus 6T balances established features, concentrating on speed and smoothness, to set a new production standard. It’s built for a premium encounter, with a cutting-edge in-display fingerprint sensor, Electric Charge technology, and twin cameras that capture every detail night or day. The back is of the OnePlus 6T is made of curved glass, 3D glass that sits pleasantly against your palm. At launch the two colors: Midnight Black and Mirror Black, sport two sharply different finishes. With a distinguishing S-shaped image appearing across its back and when the lightning hits it just right it has an almost iridescent quality.

Despite not having a headphone jack or wireless charging, the OnePlus 6T performs better than expected.
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OnePlus 6T Review

The lack of a headphone jack can be irritating for some. However, the phone comes with an adapter, and the in-display fingerprint sensor might not have fit in the same track otherwise. The base price has been upped by about 30 dollars, but you truly get twice the internal storage for fewer than what you would have spent for the same configuration on the OnePlus 6. While you could assume that OnePlus has made some sacrifices in advancing the OnePlus 6T, they all appear rather biased. Sure it's a somewhat bigger, more thick, and heavier phone than the six but if that implies a bigger battery with greater longevity is it really a loss? I will leave that question to be left up to you to decide.


  • Fluid performance
  • Top-end design
  • Impressive rear camera 16MP + 20MP(front camera 16MP)
  • Full HD resolution
  • Truly all-day battery life
  • Wider network compatibility
  • Up-to-date, versatile OS
  • Affordable


  • No headphone jack
  • The fingerprint sensor isn't always reliable
  • No wireless charging
  • Camera's Nightscape mode needs work
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