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OpenFit Fitness App
OpenFit Fitness App

Why Our Reviewers Enjoyed OpenFit

Workout when it is convenient for you, and not on someone else’s time
It can be hard to find time in the day for all the necessities, so sometimes it may seem impossible to find the time to exercise right. If you want to participate in fitness classes or training sessions you are going to have to adhere to someone’s business hours, and for people that work and have busy schedules that’s just not going to work. OpenFit allows you to browse and select fitness classes whose time works with your time. You no longer have to scramble over to the gym or to your local barre class right after work, instead you can leisurely get yourself prepared and workout from the comfort of your home. With OpenFit you can get your time back without having to sacrifice your regular workouts.

Workout in a space that is comfortable and without pressure
For people that are just starting out on their fitness journey, the thought of going somewhere public full of other people to exercise may be intimidating. Whether you feel uncomfortable because of your body type or because you are simply shy and reserved, working out shouldn’t have to be a stressful and uncomfortable experience. By using OpenFit’s live streaming classes you can workout in your house on your own terms without any prying eyes to distract you. Now even the more introverted among us can have full access to professional fitness classes thanks to OpenFit’s revolutionary fitness classes.

Don’t pay a fortune to workout
Many people that would like to get in shape can benefit immensely from the help of a trainer or fitness classes, but for a lot of people the cost of structured fitness training classes and sessions can be prohibitive. With some trainers charging hundreds per hour and classes ranging in cost all the way up to the triple digits,

If you find live exercise classes to be too pricey or don’t have enough time to attend them, Openfit may be the best app for you. For busybodies, OpenFit allows you to enroll in the live class you want to attend ahead of time. And if you just can’t make it to a class, you can select any workout video from a previously recorded session.

Our users noted that they liked the wide range of classes. There are barre, pilates, yoga, strength training, circuit training, and running.  There’s even a class run by a Hollywood stuntwoman and martial artist.

Price: Fitness apps are generally cheaper than getting a personal trainer. Personal trainers can cost anywhere from $40/hr to $150/hr. OpenFit is only $89 for a year plan and $59 for a 6-month plan. If you’re still not sure you want to try OpenFit, they also have a 14-day free trial available because they believe that you could lose up to 9 lbs in those 14 days.

Privacy: If you’re a shy person or someone who prefers to work out alone, you don’t have to have your camera on to attend these live workouts. No one else can see you except your trainer so they can guide you with the correct form and techniques to get the most out of your workout.

OpenFit vs The Gym

When it comes to working out, there are many reasons why you may not want to join a gym and start working out there. OpenFit gives you the option to workout from home, and even though this is much more convenient, it may have some drawbacks too. When deciding what your future workout plans will be it is important to keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of all your choices.

Gym memberships can be very costly
When you stream your workout from home with OpenFit you will be able to enjoy their affordable pricing. With all the different subscription options from OpenFit, you can enjoy their extensive selection of Streaming fitness classes for less than $9.00 per month. When compared to gym memberships this is a huge saving. Some gyms can have their monthly fees reach as high as $89.00 per month or even more. Using a gym for a single month can cost you more than using OpenFit for an entire year.

You can feel self-conscious and vulnerable in the gym
Even though the gym is a great resource for fitness with all of its equipment and amenities, if you are not used to going to the gym on a regular basis the whole process can be overwhelming and even a bit off putting. Whether it’s anxiety from having to workout in front of other people, issues with self-image that make you feel embarrassed to exercise in a public place, or simply not being able to adjust to new routines easily, starting at the gym can feel difficult sometimes.

It can be hard to make time in your schedule for the gym
When you factor in distance, travel time, time spent looking for parking, and your own busy schedule, it can be difficult to dedicate the hours in the day that you need to make the most of your gym membership. Attending classes can make timing even more difficult as you have to balance your own schedule against the availability of your instructor. If you arrive late you will miss out on your lesson, and sometimes if you are traveling to get to the gym there is no way to guarantee you will arrive on time. With OpenFit you will be able to schedule classes at your convenience, in your own home. There will be no driving time or additional preparation time to consider, and there is no need to arrive several minutes early for a class since you’ll already be ready to go.

OpenFit is a digital live streaming app for fitness, wellness, and nutrition. On the OpenFit platform, you get small-class orientated, live workout sessions with a certified personal trainer watching over you guys in real-time. You do this through your phone, tablet, or computer camera, and your trainer and give you live feedback and encouragement during your workout.
There are now a ton of fitness apps on the market. Fitness apps are a great tool to have as they are typically cheaper than gym memberships and can give you tips and tricks to staying fit. The best fitness apps meet a range of needs like nutrition and take in the athletic ability of the user to build the best workout plan for you.
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