Pure Health Fungus Eliminator

Pure Health Fungus Eliminator
Pure Health Fungus Eliminator

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When it comes to reversing toenail fungus and it’s resulting damage and discoloration, consumers have noticed that the majority of vitamins and supplements simply don’t seem to improve anything. With a massive amount of high reviews, it seems Pure Health Research has cracked the code with their highly popular Fungus Eliminator toenail treatment.

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If you have nail fungus you’ve probably already heard about the Fungus Eliminator by Pure Health Research.  That’s because Pure Health understands that fungus and many other health concerns can be taken care of when our body has the right gut flora, as nutrients pass through our gut. In fact, studies show that having a healthy gut flora can also help treat depression.  Pure Health Fungus Eliminator is FDA approved. 

Onychomycosis, also known as, nail fungus, is a common condition that starts off as a tiny yellow or white spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail.  If left untreated, as often is the case because most people don’t realize they have the condition, it can go deeper into your nail and cause it to thicken, discolor, and crumble along the edges.  Even worse, nail fungus can overtake your immune system and wreck havoc on your body.


  • Toenails may become thicker and harder to cut with clippers
  • Yellowish-browish discolorations may occur at the nail
  • The nails might take on a crumbly and brittle texture
  • A distorted nail, often starts digging into the skin around the nail
  • Foul scent may emanate from the nail

Pure Health Fungus Eliminator is a supplement that helps treat toenail fungus as well as boost your immune system. According to an article by John Hopkins Medicine, research shows that a considerable portion of your immune system is in your GI tract. Pure Health believes in tackling the infection through your gut first. Our reviewers who suffer from nail fungus infections stated they preferred the Pure Health Fungus Eliminator because they don’t get any of the nasty side effects such as liver damage if they were to take the medications given to them by their doctors.

Based on our user reviews, we can say Pure Health Fungus Eliminator does destroy toenail fungus and inhibits its growth. Our users preferred Pure Health over pharmaceuticals because it didn’t cause any nasty side effects, and the all natural ingredients were all known to tackle fungus while helping your immune system.  Users noted feeling healthier overall and also stated they saw a significant difference after taking Pure Health Fungus Eliminator.

Because our bodies are mostly water, fungus can live in our bodies and wreck all types of havoc on our system.  Fungus Eliminator by Pure Health is created to not only kill off the bad bacteria in your system, but also to reset your gut flora, as a bad gut flora can cause serious health complications. Here are some of the natural ingredients you can find in Fungus Eliminator:

  • Garlic–  a natural well known anti-fungal.  The power of garlic can be harnessed to fight a variety of pathogens and microbes including bacterial, viral, and fungal conditions.
  • Oregano– wild oregano oil has one of the strongest anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties. It can kill toenail fungus as well as ringworm and athletes foot.  Oil of oregano has very powerful and potent aroma which is indicative of its healing power.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar– The perfect elixir for balancing gut health, the probiotics and other beneficial nutrients contained in raw apple cider vinegar can help the body stave off infection and fight fungus.
  • Wormwood– Provides natural energy so your body can have the strength to fight off the nail fungus infection.  Wormwood extract is a powerful herbal remedy whose therapeutic properties have been known for hundreds of years.
  • Olive Leaf Extract– Olive leaf is one of the most powerful naturally occurring anti-microbial substances on the planet.  Not only can olive leaf extract kill toenail fungus but it can also remove parasites from your body. 
  • Turmeric– One of the most well known anti-inflammatory ingredients, can also boost your immune system to protect you from repeat infections.  Turmeric’s healing power is well documented in asia and the middle east where the root has been used in cooking and medicine for thousands of years.
  • Bioperine– Bioperine is a black pepper extract, and it is added to PureHealth’s anti-fungal formula due to black pepper’s synergistic effect with turmeric.  Bioperine allows turmeric to be 2000% more bio-available within your body, allowing you to get the maximum health benefits of turmeric that you may not if you were to just simply add turmeric to your diet.
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