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A Real Review of Outbyte: Computer Optimization Software

OutByte Reviews

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Summary of Review: OutByte claims to be an incredible tool for PC repair that can help bring a slow system back up to speed. It may seem like an afforable option but is it really that much better than your standard Mcafee or Norton Anti-Virus software?

Sandra C.
Sandra C.
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We used to use Outbyte in our office to help clean computers. It has not saved us any money or any computers, it kept telling the managers that this software was stupid and I could probably do what it does for half the price on all the computers. But they wouldn't listen so now we have stupid computers with no protection against new threats all the TIME. We get some many scammers calling out office and emailing us. DO NOT USE OUTBYTE.

What is OutByte?

Have you ever experienced one of those nightmare scenarios where your computer starts to slow down, taking you to the brink of wanting to throw it out the window? The goal of Outbyte is to design software that is easy to use and provides for computer optimization. Once downloaded, users find themselves navigating through 3 tabs each designed to focus on one the areas associated with computer performance (Speed, privacy, and Battery).

Is OutByte Worth Purchasing?

Unfortunately, OutByte offers a service that should be free, with no other additional perks. There are many other companies out there that can diagnose your system by running a complete check-up of your system. This check-up and scanning is standard in all computer optimizing, anti-virus software.

OutByte also claims to “clean” out junk files such as unissued logs, leftover Windows Update Files, user temporary files, and web browser cache, to bring you “speed” and “extra space”. The thing is, your computer is wired to automatically delete and refresh these files. A simple Google search can show you to how delete all these temporary files. In fact, these are all things that can be deleted through your web browser or computer.

Anti-Virus software from McAfee, not only offers optimization and a deeper “clean” for your computer, but they also provide award-winning protection for your security, identity, and privacy. McAfee Anti-Virus was also popular among our users for not slowing down users computers. Click here to read why McAfee anti-virus software is a user favorite.

Life McAfee, Norton anti-virus is used by many of the worlds largest companies, protecting billions of dollars every second. Norton Anti-Virus software includes an array of features that cannot be found on OutByte including, firewall protection for PC, cloud back up, password manager, and a secure VPN. Norton anti-virus software can not only protect your computer from potential threats before they happen, but they can also use what’s called “emulation” to lure out the threat from your computer. OutByte also does not have AI to help recognize patterns and behavior of websites and users to protect you against suspicious behavior.

Theodore J.
Theodore J.
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I was going to throw away my pc I was so frustrated with how slow it was running. My friend at work told me about Outbyte and of course nothing happens and now I don't know how to unsubscribe. I need my damn laptop for work..this is getting on my nerves

The Bottom Line

Today most people use a laptop as their primary computing source. Whether it’s for personal or business use, the ability to work from any location can be a significant advantage in today’s business environment. One way to ensure this happens is to optimize your computer by removing unnecessary junk and taking precautions against online threats. Unfortunately, OutByte is not worth purchasing, and they offer a service that is not only free but just doesn’t stack up against the competition. We recommend you check out the following reviews for the top-rated computer optimizing, anti-virus software.

Richard B.
Richard B.
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My laptop had become painfully slow, and I thought that I would need to buy a new one. My friend recommended Outbyte to me, ending up trashing my laptop anyways. Got a new one with Norton on it for free btw. So, yea.

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Outbyte Computer Optimization Software

OutByte charges for a service that is free on all computers. Compared to other anti-virus, computer optimizing software, OutByte just doesn't reach the mark. OutByte score low in our user reviews for it's lack of features and the fact that many users just weren't sure how much faster their computers were.


  • Low Cost


  • Poor Tech Support
  • Poor Score in Our Hands on Test

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