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Summary of Reviews: Our reviewers have nothing but good things to say in their Acorns App reviews automatic investment plan that helps grow their money. It’s simple, easy, and a great investment. Acorns has revived the old-school method of saving your left over change, combining the robo-advisor pattern with an automated savings program. Acorns is designed to round up your purchases made through linked credit or debit cards, then transfers the change to a computer-managed investment portfolio. This approach is absolutely a useful tool to save more; it works for everyone in Acorns review; it can work for you.

Ryan L.
Ryan L.
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After downloaded the Acorns app my life changed forever. I've been using this app for 2 years now and wow! The amount of savings I've accumulated over that amount of time is jaw dropping. I highly recommend this app to everyone in need of saving some extra money.
Dave G.
Dave G.
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If you give it time, Acorns will really surprise you with how much money you can earn. I never thought I'd be able to do so much with the spare change from my grocery shopping, but acorns really works. If you don't have time to figure out investing or saving, Acorns is a great shortcut to be able to do more with the money you already have.

Invest now enjoy later; when you consider the uncertainties you face when it comes to retirement, we know it can be quiet nerve racking. Most people probably center their concerns around finances. Some people may be anxious about not having enough in their savings, while others are worried about the increasing costs for healthcare and long-term care. Some may fret that they’ll never be able to afford to retire. Luckily, with Acorns you can download, invest and watch your money grow.


Lisa M.
Lisa M.
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As a college student I am on a super tight budget with my day-to-day spending and it drives me crazy. A friend of mine suggested to use Acorns to help ease my frustration of having no money that was 3 years ago and now I am able to say I have no worries when it comes to money. I invested with Acorns and you should too!
Sam N.
Sam N.
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Acorns is a great thing for people that don't have any idea bout investing. Instead of just letting your cash sit around you can have it work for you. It's very interesting keeping track of your progress with acorns, and so far I have been able to earn a little bit on my savings. Overall it's a great app and it delivers as promised.

Who are Some People That Can Benefit From Acorns?

  • College students.
  • Hands-off investors.
  • People who struggle to save.

Based off Acorns reviews if you are looking to make the most out of your leftover change and get exclusive retailer kickbacks, all from merely swiping your credit card. Well, there’s really no better investment company to do that with than Acorns App review, which now offers IRA accounts. The automated roundups through this system help make saving and investing simple, sit back, and watch how quickly those pennies accumulate.

  • Free management for college students.
  • Automatically invests spare change.
  • Cashback at select retailers.
  • Educational content available.


The only thing better than growing an investment portfolio out of leftover change is growing an investment portfolio from someone else’s money. Acorns Found Money program basically lets you do just that: It’s getting cash back for your investment account. The company works hand in hand with over 350 partnered stores like, Airbnb, Walmart, Nike and Sephora. Once you make a purchase at any of the partnered stores using your linked payment method and automatically your funds get transferred to the Found Money rewards that will then land in your account within 60 to 120 days.

  1. Technology & Design – The only debit card that helps you save, invest, and earn. Designed with Matte Film, Colored PVC core with tungsten metal inlay, Spot UV gloss, Laser engraved.
  2. Instantly Save & Invest – Real-time round-ups, save while you spend, and set aside cash for retirement automatically with your built-in investment & retirement account.
  3. Ease & Access – Free bank to bank transfers, No overdraft or minimum balance fees, and unlimited free or fee-reimbursed ATM’s nationwide.
  4. Earn More Money – All the Found Money that comes with Acorns Invest, plus earn up to 10% invested in you from places you shop at every day.
  5. Spend Strategies – Easy, smart ways to save while you spend including automatic retirement savings, personalized strategies, and more.
  6. A lot For A Little – Digital direct deposit, round-ups invested in real-time, mobile check deposit, and check sending.
  7. Grow Your Knowledge – From quick tips to original content, grow your money knowledge as you go.
  8. Total Protection – FDIC-insured checking account all the way to $250k plus fraud protection and all digital card lock.

According to our reviewers, Acorns is NOT at all a scam. This company is a legitimate investment and retirement savings app that can be trusted to provide real results in money growth. Acorns is also backed by world-class investors and plenty of well known celebrities.

Quentin G.
Quentin G.
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Acorns helped me build my foundation that I've been trying so hard to start, I now have investments in multiple stocks. I have my savings that just keeps adding up as I spend which is a great perk I love Acorns easy use system App if it wasn't for them I don't know what I would have done.
Elen O.
Elen O.
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I was a bit skeptical when I first tried Acorns, but my friends kept insisting that it was worth a try. I reluctantly downloaded it, and I almost forgot about it after the initial setup. A few months later I checked the investments that Acorns had made and I was shocked to see how much money I had earned. It wasn't enough to quit work, but just by saving a few cents on every purchase I had saved up enough to treat myself to some nice gifts.


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