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Real Reviews of AT&T Uverse

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Summary of Reviews: Our reviewers are going crazy with the AT&T U-verse specials happening right now. Order today and save with the best service bundles available in your area, and when you join AT&T, you’ll receive $150 in reward cards to popular stores and restaurants. AT&T has the most affordable prices when it comes to multiple services. Get exclusive shows and VIP access to all the sports channels. Can’t get any better than that.

Why Use AT&T U-verse?

Enjoy entertainment you love with the whole family AT&T U-verse reviews rave about the quality of the customer service provided and the amount of money they end up saving when signing up with AT&T U-verse. Click here to start saving and enjoy the best service bundles priced as low as $59.99 a month. Online only.

Greg D.
Greg D.AT&T Uverse Reviews
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I use AT&T U-verse for my tv and internet I have been with them for the past year and absolutely love it. I use to have Xfinity, but I work from home, and the router would always reboot itself every fifteen minutes and would disrupt my work tremendously. I had to get my internet working better right away, so I made the switch and decided to bundle with AT&T U-Verse for my internet and TV, and have been very satisfied and reassured my internet would never fail me again. It is fast and never stops working.
Raul M.
Raul M.
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I'm so glad that I have AT&T uverse in my area. I used to live somewhere where I could only get internet and tv service through comcast and they were just the worst. at&t has much better customer service and better pricing on their plans. We are very happy with the package that we signed up for and our internet speeds are great and my wife gets to watch all her favorite channels and even DVR them.

Yes. Also, an HD DVR is included with the following packages:

  • U-family TV
  • U200 TV 
  • U300 TV
  • U450 TV

Unlimited channel choices: AT&T Uverse Reviews can’t stop talking about how AT&T U-Verse provides some of the highest channel counts out of all TV providers. The top package offers over 550 channels. The U450 package also includes exclusive channels like HBO, Showtime, CINEMAX, and STARZ. There’s also the Sports Package, which offers Fox College Sports, The Sportsman Channel, Outdoor Channel, and more. If you’re an extreme TV enthusiast and like to channel surf, U-Verse is the way to go.

Introductory price plans and premium deals: AT&T U-Verse TV also gives promotional prices for the first year. There is a one-year commitment, but you can terminate your agreement before the price hikes up to the regular rate the following year. Alternatively, they also offer a no-contract service plan with an additional fee. You’ll also receive the HD DVR fee included in the base price.

JoAnn S.
JoAnn S.AT&T Uverse Reviews
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I signed up with AT&T last June and have not run into any issues, opted into the paperless billing, and was able to save even more money that way. I love the wide-scale of channels that I have access to, and the WiFi is super fast, never lags. They have great customer service; someone is always available to help you with any questions you may have. Great company!
Pam S.
Pam S.
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We love our uverse cable box. Setup was so easy, and we have fast internet at home too so I can video chat with my children any time. I'm glad that I decided to upgrade our service to highspeed internet and hd tv I never knew it could make such a difference. When my son got us a wide screen tv for christmas I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but now I want an even bigger tv!
  1. Bundling options: AT&T U-Verse TV utilizes fiber optic technology so, you can bundle it with AT&T internet and phone services. When bundling services, you get a discount off your unified bill, making your 3 in 1 AT&T services cheaper.
  2. Weatherproof reception: Satellite TV services are inclined to service interruptions due to the weather. U-Verse TV service is more reliable as fiber optic cables aren’t affected.
  3. International offerings: U-Verse TV has loads of international channels you can add to any package. There are programs in various languages to choose from.
  4. Total Home DVR: U-Verse’s home DVR system can record up to five shows at once. It can also playback shows from any room in your home, and holds up to 422 hours in SD content or 155 hours of HD viewing.
  5. No monthly DVR fees: U-Verse’s Total Home DVR system doesn’t have a monthly DVR fee.(It’s FREE) but only If you’re planning on watching TV on only one TV in your home. However, if you want to watch it on more than one TV, you’d have to pay an additional $10/month for each receiver.
  6. 24/7 Technical Support: AT&T’s live technical support chat service is available 24/7, so if a problem should occur morning, noon, or night, you can contact a customer service representative anytime. You can also have the transcript emailed to you after following the conversation. Which can come in handy if there’s something you’d like to dispute down the road.
  7. U-Verse App: U-Verse has an app for mobile and tablet devices. From the app, you can control your DVR and watch TV. The app is just like the U-Verse DVR, with simple functions. It allows you to view both live and on-demand programs.
  8. Plenty of HD channels: With the highest package, U-Verse offers over 200 channels in HD. While this comes with a more significant price tag, those who need HD content will be satisfied with U-Verse’s extensive selection.
Thomas H.
Thomas H.AT&T Uverse Reviews
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AT&T U-verse is hands down the best internet and cable provider, nothing but positive things to say about this company, the customer service, the quality, the connection it's all there with U-verse. I've lived in places that had Time Warner, Comcast, Verizon, and some others I don't remember and none of them stack up to Uverse.
Fernando O.
Fernando O.
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At&t really offers great service with their uverse internet and cable packages. I have not had any regular problems with my connection, and the few times we had outages in the last couple of years I was able to communicate right away with customer support to determine what was happening. Uverse is the best for internet and tv.

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