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Summary of Reviews: Rarely does a newcomer to any industry pack the same punch of the top competitors for half the price, but that’s exactly what Balance by has BistroMD accomplished in the meal delivery sector.  If you have been searching for a healthy meal subscription service that is good for your wallet too, Balance by bistroMD might be the one for you.

Sabrina K.
Sabrina K.
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This box from Balance was amazing! I had never heard of them before, so I was very excited when I first ordered. The meals were very easy to prepare and very delicious. As a bonus they have many options for different diets, so I didn't have any trouble finding some good vegetarian options for myself.

How does Balance by BistroMD Work?

BistroMD boasts an easy 4 step process to their service:

1. Shop – browse through their online catalogue for a variety of meals and snacks, then place your order.

2. Relax (No Seriously, This is On Their Website as Step 2, and it means you’ll have to relax until the shipment arrives at your door)

3. Enjoy (Store your entrees in the freezer, snacks in the snack closet, and enjoy!)

4. Reorder – There are no minimums, memberships, or automated charges/shipments required. Simply go to the site and order again.

Balance by bistroMD Caters to Your Diet

Balance by bistroMD offers delicious meal plans for a variety of diets, so no matter what your dietary restrictions your Balance box will be able to sort out your dinner plans.

Heart Healthy – These meals are carefully planned and designed to fall a or below the recommended daily intake for calories, fat, and sodium acccording to the American Heart Association. These meals contain less than 600mg sodium and less than 3.5 grams of saturated fats to help maintain a healthy heart and support the circulatory system.

Gluten Free – These meals follow the strict testing metrics of the Food and Drug Administration to maintain a gluten free standard of 20 ppm or less in each meal. Balance carefully plans these gluten free recipes without wheat, barley, or rye in order to make sure you get the gluten free nutrition you need.

Diabetic – These meals follow the balance by bistroMD physician’s guidelines to consume a consistent and controlled amount of sugars and carbohydrates with each meal. By following the recommendations of the Balance box’s founding physician, these meals help to regulate glucose levels in the blood and they will contain less than 25 grams of carbohydrates.

Meagan H.
Meagan H.
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I'm a convert for SURE. The meals are amazing, prices are amazing, WOW. Cancelling Hellofresh right now 🙂 I'm not alone either, my whole family is in love with our Balance meals, and I can't wait to see what we'll get on our next subscription.

Low Sodium|
These recipes are created to meet or exceed the standards set forth by the American Heart Association for caloric intake, sodium consumption, and total fat consumption. Each meal will contain 600 milligrams or less of sodium in each meal which puts them well below the recommendation of a maximum of 2300 milligrams per day.

Low Carbohydrate
All recipes offered by Balance by bistroMD follow a low carbohydrate diet with less than 25 grams of net carbohydrates in each meal you’ll eat.

Balance by bistroMD offers nutritionally balanced meals designed around scientific research to provide the body with a complete and well rounded nutritional profile during menopause. By enjoying the recipes Balance offers with lean proteins and reduced carbohydrate levels, you can help support regulation of hormones involved in menopause and symptoms of menopause.

Dairy Free
For people avoiding dairy, Balance has a selection of recipes curated to avoid dairy. Meals with the dairy free classification have no dairy products at all.

Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet meals are created with the delicious, healthy ingredients enjoyed by Mediterranean cultures since ancient times. These meals bring healthy ingredients together with exotic flair.

Balance offers a wide variety of vegetarian meals with balanced nutritional profiles. This way you can guarantee a delicious home-made meal even if you need to avoid meat.

With so many different options available, Balance by bistroMD has recipes for any lifestyle and for all dietary habits.

Sadie S.
Sadie S.@schumschum89
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I can't have sodium so I really appreciate the specialty menus on their site. It's easy to eat again now that I don't have to worry about cooking. I really recommend the Balance box to anyone that needs to meet their dietary restrictions without wanting to spend a lot of time preparing and cooking meals by yourself.

What Kind of Recipes Does Balance by BistroMD Offer?

Some of the delicious meals that you can find in your Balance by bistroMD box include:

Bagel Sandwich with Egg, Turkey Sausage, and Cheddar Cheese
This delicious heart healthy spin on a classic breakfast sandwich makes for the perfect way to start your day.  Serve with fresh fruit and delicious orange juice or your favorite cup of coffee for a heart-healthy, delicious breakfast.

Bagel Sandwich with Egg, Natural Ham, and Swiss Cheese
This rich and classic combination of egg, ham, and cheese makes for a tasty breakfast sandwich on a heart healthy wheat bagel.  Serve with your favorite breakfast smoothie for the perfect start to your day.

Chicken Meatballs with Marinara Sauce and Linguine
A delicious and healthy spin on a classic spaghetti and meatballs made with low-fat ground chicken to minimize calories and fat while maximizing taste.  Serve with a salad and an ice cold glass of sparkling water to feel like you’re in Italy.

Cheese Tortellini with Three Cheese Tomato Sauce
A delicious vegetarian pasta dish made with succulent cheese tortellini and rose tomato sauce made with three cheeses.  This cheesy and delicious pasta dish is supported by fresh vegetables to create a scrumptious, well balanced meal.

Grilled Salmon with Dill Mustard Sauce
The perfect pairing of flaky Salmon with the herbal bouquet of dill and a punch of mustard.  This savory dish is a classic combination of flavors made with healthy ingredients to enjoy without guilt.

Ariana T.
Ariana T.
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I've been eating something different every night and I LOVE IT! The shipments come fast and when I pull them out of the freezer and warm them up I'm in heaven. It couldn't be any simpler to eat such healthy meals.

A Revolutionary No-Contract Approach

Of all the customer reviews we examined, a large amount of Balance users found that their favorite feature was the no-contract structure of the service. While many (very large) online competitors lure in users with discounted/free trials in order to continually rebill their card for large sums automatically, Balance by BistroMD takes a revolutionary approach; Balance does NOT automatically charge and ship items unless you explicitly request to do so.

Is Balance by BistroMD Worth the Price?

According to the user reviews, Balance by BistroMD is arguably the most cost-conscious product on the market if you remove downright scams and garbage quality foods from the list. The cost per meal can vary depending on how much of a feast you are looking to enjoy, with an excellent library of premiere dishes for special occasions as well. Without the hindrance of an automated billing structure, users can easily adjust their orders to match their ever-changing budgets and appetites.

John R.
John R.
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This is my new go-to for lunch. Order new foods whenever I'm getting low and so far it all tastes decent. It's like having my own personal chef, except somehow I'm cooking everything myself. I never thought it could be so easy to make such a healthy and delicious dinner on my own.

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Balance by BistroMD

With 1,000's of meal delivery options to choose from in today's convenience culture, Balance by BistroMD stands tall and proves that it belongs at the top of the meal delivery ladder.


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  • Deliveries are Fast, and Free Over $99
  • Food Quality is Incredible


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