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Farm Fresh To You is a produce delivery service that brings organic fruits and vegetables conveniently to your front door.  Our reviewers enjoyed the wide variety of produce available and the great prices on their box.  If you are looking for a way to incorporate more fresh produce into your diet, Farm Fresh To You is a great resource.

According to our reviewers, Farm Fresh To You is a fantastic company that provides certified organic produce delivery. The farm gives it’s customers a healthy mixture of customary fruits, vegetables, and more delivered straight to your front door. The delivery method saves time by giving you the opportunity of spending more time with your family than having to run to the market. The fruits and vegetables arrive on time and are in ready to eat condition. The certified organic farm gives everyone a relief to know their produce is pesticide-free and is handled by people who genuinely care and know-how crucial healthy eating is.

Ricardo G.
Ricardo G.
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My family has been customers for 3 years of Farm Fresh To You and we really love this service we haven't purchased produce anywhere else since. The all around quality from A-Z is what makes this company the best. I tried several other CSAs before I finally found Farm Fresh to You. It's the best. Each week they select a new variety for you. If you want to swap items out or add to your order you can. In addition to the fruits and vegetables, they also offer tons of other local, organic products. We are a family of four and the large box fits us perfectly. Since we started using their services I have regained my Saturday mornings and no longer spend them pushing a cart up and down the isles at the market.. It forces us to eat healthy. For families with two working parents, this service is a lifesaver. Thank you Farm Fresh to You!
  • Local Fertilizers – Cover crops are the most sustainable fertilizer. They are the cornerstone of the Farm Fresh To You fertilization program. 
  • Year-Round EmployeesFarm employees are an essential and often overlooked component of a sustainable food system. The farm workers are the backbones of the farming industry who work extremely hard and earn surprisingly small wages.
  • Local First & Customer Partnerships – With each customer Farm Fresh To You enters into a partnership meaning the customer trusts us to provide them with the best, seasonal selection of the most local produce available. Farm Fresh To You’s produce is always domestic, guaranteeing our farm workers are operated in accordance with U.S. Labor Laws.
  • Irrigation & Water Management – To maximize the use of fertilizers, crops, and machinery use, a plant can have as much water as it wants. This is done by using irrigation systems that have unique distribution uniformity. 
  • Crop Rotation – The most vital form of preventing plant disease is to rotate different types of crops throughout the same field. Soil that receives the same crops each year can begin to breed diseases that are harmful by building up levels in soil that could forever eliminate the soil’s capability to grow certain crops without toxic chemicals.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Without customers, our farm would not have a place to sell produce. Educating consumers about what to expect from certified organic produce, seasonality, and the challenges of growing it are important.
  • Biodiversity – On the farm, they preserve areas as wild and cultivated to California natives. They also place spaces between fields to form habitats for beneficial insects. Farm Fresh To You systems and producing procedures are customized to meet meticulous third-party Food Safety standards, but also to preserve the habitat that so many creatures depend upon.
Lindsay A.
Lindsay A.
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My farm fresh to you boxes have added so much to our day. Now we can eat fresh fruit every day, and I am getting so many recipe ideas from all the vegetables that they send. It is a lot of fun, and very healthy, to eat everything that they send us and I can't imagine what I did before farm fresh to you.

The expression “Certified Organic” is legally defined by the USDA’s National Organic Program.

Crops are considered organic when they are harvested on a piece of land without any non-organic material applied to the property for the past three years. Every year, a farm inspector from a third-party certifier comes to Farm Fresh To You to inspect the grounds. The inspector will walk the fields, review receipts, and reviews existing inventory and other records to confirm that the organic farm is only using materials authorized by the National Organic Program’s standards. Before the NOP existed, the CCOF expected more from the organic standard.

The certified organic farm has your best interest at heart, providing you with an easy to order and certified organic produce delivery process full of freshly grown organic fruits, veggies, and other farm products. Here are some reasons why Farm Fresh To You is the right choice for you.

  • Eat More Healthily – Having your handpicked produce delivered to your home on a set schedule is vital to obtaining the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.
  • Community Connection – You have the opportunity to be active in part of Farm Fresh To You’s community, get to know your farmer through Farm News, farm tours & events, and on social media.
  • Pesticide-Free – Certified organic by CCOF, Organically grown since 1976.
  • No Commitment Required – No complicated contracts. You can cancel or postpone your deliveries by contacting the farm by 10 p.m., two days before your next arranged delivery day.
  • Flexibility – Choose the size and type of box that works best for you. You can even skip deliveries or change your delivery frequency to fit your schedule.
  • Customization – Each delivery comes with the choice to view and make changes to the items in your next shipment.
  • Convenience – Save time, don’t go to the grocery store, relax, and let the delivery come straight to your door, its included!
Jackie W.
Jackie W.
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I have been ordering from Farm Fresh To You for months now and I am pleasantly surprised with the customer service and quality of the fruits and veggies. They taste so fresh. My husband doesn't usually like watermelon, but eats a whole one when we order them from Farm Fresh to You. Also, when there's a major produce recall I don't have to worry because Farm Fresh is never part of it! The major bonus is I'm actually saving money and time. We are eating a lot more and fruits and vegetables because of their service and I am not wandering the grocery store buying more than I need. Keep up the great work guys!

Organic foods contain higher nutritional value than conventional food, according to some research. The reason being that in the absence of the harsh chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers, plants are able to boost their production of the phytochemicals which are vitamins and antioxidants that increase their resistance to bugs and weeds. Some studies have connected pesticides in our food to be the root of headaches to cancer to birth defects. Yet we have many experts that support the idea that levels in conventional food are safe for most adults. However, low-level pesticide exposure to fetuses and children can be significantly more toxic (due to their undeveloped immune systems) and for pregnant women (it adds strain on their already overloaded organs), according to reports.

Pesticide contamination isn’t as much of a worry when it comes to meats and dairy products. Still, many scientists are concerned about the antibiotics that are given to most farm animals: Many are the same antibiotics humans are prescribed. Overuse of the antibiotics have already enabled bacteria to grow resistant to them, making them less effective in fighting infection, says Chuck Benbrook, chief scientist at the Organic Center.

Ron M.
Ron M.
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My wife and I have received three boxes so far from Farm Fresh To You, and we look forward to a long relationship of many more. We have been incredibly impressed with the produce. Absolutely excellent quality. Delicious, large quantities of healthy fruits and vegetables that look and most importantly, taste great. They have really good recipes as well.

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Fresh Farm to You

Farm Fresh to You is a subscription box for organic fresh produce. Our users enjoyed the variety of produce as well as the freshness of them. This service maybe great if you just don't have time to go grocery shopping and want to try new produce.


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