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Scam Alert: Flirty Mature

245 Reviews
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245 Reviews 9%
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245 Reviews 91%
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245 Reviews 4%

Summary of Reviews: is an online dating site for seniors.  The user database seems to be filled with scammers taking advantage of people that are hoping to find a quick connection online.  We cannot recommend using at this time. (Click here to read a review of  the top rated senior dating site, SilverSingles)

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1 / 10

Johnson C.
Johnson C.
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I was very skeptical about trying and I wish I had listened to my isntincts. This site is a total waste of time and most of the users are fake. When I would tell the women I don't have money to send them they would disappear off the planet of the earth.

What is FlirtyMature?

FlirtyMature is an online dating site for single matures looking for casual dating or more serious relationships. They provide search tools based on age, interests, location, and more. Because the site was built for the older generation, their interface is easy to use and understand. Unfortunately, despite this, our users ranked FlirtyMature low in their reviews for several reasons.

Who Uses FlirtyMature?

As the name suggests, the site is populated with mostly senior members in the United States. The site is available internationally, so if you travel, this may come in handy. While there are only a small percentage of LGBTQ members, there are also a good number of users in the age range of 18-35. Typical of most online dating sites, there are more men than women, so if you’re a lonely older woman, this may be the place for you.  Despite the promising seeming demographics, it is hard to stop dating sites from ill-intended people. Our reviewers noted they were asked for money from people they thought they had a genuine connection with.

We’ve received 978 reviews of SilverSingles, and the reviews have been more favorable compared to FlirtyMature. Reviewers noted that the ratio of men to women on SilverSingles was about 50/50. The reviewers also pointed out that those who used SilverSingles were looking for a serious commitment. SilverSingles is also famous for the sheer fact that most of its users hold a university degree. Click here to read a review of

Steven L.
Steven L.
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Scammers scammers scammers! I can't believe how many users there are on this site that are just trying to take your money. If I didn't just watch a Dr.Phil episode on online dating scams I might have sent a few of these women some money. I couldn't believe that 9/10 people I talked to tried to get me to send them money. I really thought I was going to meet a woman in my area..

You’ve probably already heard horror stories of older men and women getting conned out of thousands of dollars, and you may think you’re too smart to let that happen to you. But the truth is seniors are the most likely to get scammed on dating sites, and con-artists are sneaky people. Sometimes you may talk to someone for months or even a year before they tug at your heartstrings and get to your bank account. We suggest caution when using sites like FlirtyMature.

Is Flirty Mature a Scam?

FlirtyMature is one of the many casual dating sites owned by Together Networks.  While the FlirtyMature may have been created with good intentions, the Together Networks dating sites have a hard time filtering out the fake profiles and bots.  It seems as if most of the users on any of the Together Networks are filled with more scammers and fake profiles than there are people actual people looking for love. RealReviews has written many scam alert posts about their dating sites, including their website BeNaughty, which used to openly admit to creating fake profiles in their terms and conditions pages. We suggest you exercise caution as we mentioned before, older daters are more likely to be targeted by shady people.  Check out these scam alert reviews we’ve written for the following dating sites owned by Together Networks:

Our users rated SilverSingles as the best senior-specific dating site for their wide dating pool, identity checks, and for the fact that there seemed to be an equal amount of men vs women. SilverSingles is recommended for those who are looking for a real commitment. We also recommend eHarmony. may not be senior specific, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find real commitment through their age filters. Check out the reviews below:


FlirtyMature charges $28.88 for one month, $16.20 for three months, and $13.20 for six months.  While you can get a free membership, what you can do on that membership is limited.  

Our users noted that the price was not worth the value as they found the “premium” features to be common free features on other dating sites.  For instance, most dating sites let you show what you’re “looking for” (such as love, casual encounters, or long distance etcetc) on  FlirtyMature you  have to pay to let that be known.  Their “unlimited messaging” feature is also bunk, as it only lets you send 5 extra messages but only to different users.

Free Acount Features
  • Can view profiles
  • Can browse the “like gallery”
Premium Membership
  • Can browse user photo albums
  • Can share photos in a chat
  • Can share videos in the chat
  • Can send “unlimited” messages
  • 24/7 Support
  • View photos in full size
Vince F.
Vince F.
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I had all sorts of hot women chatting with me, but not a single hook up. Fake, fake, fake. There's also too many men compared to women on the site.

Flirty Mature also show deceptive advertisements (mainly to men) which feature fake profiles of beautiful potential matches. Once signed up, in order to keep you feeling secure in your membership by using bots to tell you someone is flirting with you.

David D.
David D.
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I did meet someone on this site, but frankly there are too many scammers, men pretending to be women, women trying to convince me to send them money. Be careful on this site.

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Flirty Mature

Flirty Mature is another in a long line of scam dating sites. RealReviews recommends reputable alternatives such as eHarmony.


  • Free to Join


  • Almost All Fake Profiles
  • People May Lie About Themselves on Their Profile
  • Unresponsive Members
  • Poor Customer Support

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