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TaxSlayer is one of the fastest growing Tax Filing services online, and it is no surprise with their guarantees on accuracy.  Our reviewers appreciated how fast and easy it was to file with TaxSlayer as well as how accurate their filings were.  If you need some help with filing taxes, there is no better place to look than TaxSlayer.

Marla T.
Marla T.
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I Love TaxSlayer!! As a business owner, I have a pretty complicated return, and using TaxSlayer makes completing my taxes easy. They offer great support and at a fraction of the price compared to a tax professional.

According to Real Reviewers, TaxSlayer Tax Service is a great online tax service for anyone looking to complete their taxes. They offer free Filing for anyone with a simple tax situation. The most expensive version is $47 if you are Self-Employed. They are an online company only and do not offer any traditional brick and mortar locations. As with most other online tax services, consumer support is available if you find yourself getting stuck. Depending on the program, the level of support will change. The more expensive program offers priority help. With TaxSlayer being so popular, we had more than enough TaxSlayer Reviews to through when writing this review. In general, our Reviewers had all positive remarks when referencing TaxSlayer.

Maximum Tax Refund Guaranteed
TaxSlayer guarantees that by filing with them you will receieve the maximum refund on your tax return that you are entitled to. They are so confident in this guarantee that TaxSlayer will refund the cost of filing with them otherwise.

Absolutely no out-of-pocket fees
TaxSlayer allows you to deduct your filing fees directly from your federal tax refund, so you do not have to worry about scrambling to pay another tax filing service.

Accuracy Guaranteed 100%
TaxSlayer is confident in their ability to accurately file, and they stand behind their up-to-date calculations. If your tax filings are not accurate, they will reimburse federal or state penalties along with any interest charges incurred.

Jean T.
Jean T.
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Being a single mom having access to a service like TaxSlayer has been a blessing. I need all the help I can get, and their support is second to none. Plus, with their deduction and credit tools, I KNOW I'm getting the biggest return possible. I will continue to use them. This Happy Mom approves.

Completing Your Taxes With TaxSlayer

3 Easy Steps Required

1-Create a free account or log in if you are a previous user. TaxSlayer features a simple and pain free sign up process.  They will ask for any necessary documents and information, and you can also easily update any new tax information by providing it to TaxSlayer.  Whether you are a new or returning user, the signup and login process is a breeze.

2-Enter Your Income. By using your income level, TaxSlayer will be able to help determine all possible refunds and allowances available to you.  TaxSlayer’s advanced technology is designed to fully map out and retrieve all possible tax deductions and credits that you may qualify for in order to help maximize your refund.

3-Submit your Filing. The filing process is completed online, and TaxSlayer will assist and guide you along every step of the way.  Once accepted by the IRS, you receive an email confirmation. The only thing left to do is sit back and wait for your return.

Damian C.
Damian C.
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I work so many different jobs that it has become very confusing to understand the right way to file my taxes. I went to a couple of professionals, but they turned me away because of how involved my tax situation was. The guys at taxslayer helped me out right away, and they were ready to help me with any questions or concerns during the whole process. Now I never have to worry about the right way to file.

What You Need To Know About TaxSlayer

Fastest Tax Refund

Get your refund quickly when you file by submitting and electronic filing linked to a direct depost account.

File From Any Device

TaxSlayer makes it easy to file by allowing you do so from any internet capable device including Laptops, Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets, and more.

Maximum Deductions

By using their industry-leading deduction and credit finder, TaxSlayer will ensure that you get every tax break you deserve and save the maximum amount of money possible.


Your privacy is our first concern. Top-level encryption ensures we’re protecting your tax information.  TaxSlayer is backed by the protection of the leading cyber security firms.


TaxSlayer are second to none in their customer service; they provide unlimited phone and email support. Need more? From Ask a TaxPro to Audit Defense, Tax Slayer has the help you need.

New Tax Law

There is no need to worry about changes to the tax code ruining your filing.  TaxSlayer updates their software any time the tax laws become updated.

Jackie K.
Jackie K.
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What can I say that hasn't already been said. I think the TaxSlayer software is excellent. I'm able to complete my taxes quickly and efficiently. The one time I did get confused, they were able to guide me through the process and get me back on my way.

Important Information

Military File for Free
The people behind TaxSlayer know to respect and honor American Military families, and as a result all Active Duty military can file their federal tax return for free with TaxSlayer.

The Professionals at TaxSlayer have an incredible amount of experience ensuring that you will be able to prepare your federal income tax return with confidence and ease.  Filing will no longer take a week of sleepless nights; instead you can file quickly and simply with the help of the TaxSlayer pros.

Fast Fill
TaxSlayer can save and record your details, so that you can easily Autofill your information between filings.  Next year there will be no need to pull out hundreds of documents as you’ll be able to fill in most of the details with with last year’s filing information. This even includes your W-2 details.

Deductions and Credits
TaxSlayer employs an industry-leading deduction and credit finder in order to uphold their promise of getting you the very maximum return.  TaxSlayer will do anything in their power to ensure you get every tax break you deserve.

IRS Inquiry Resolution
TaxSlayer will help you to clear up any IRS inquiries into your filing for up to 1 year after each filing.  By using TaxSlayer you don’t have to worry anymore about the IRS breathing down your neck.

Filing for all Income Types
No matter what your situation is, the tax experts at TaxSlayer will be able to sort out your filing.  TaxSlayer offers services for any source of income, so there is no need to worry about your situation stopping you from filing.

Accuracy Guaranteed
TaxSlayer is upfront in their top promise: 100% accuracy guaranteed. If you need help in filing your taxes, you can rest easy choosing TaxSlayer because they stand behind their accuracy guarantee to make sure your taxes are filed appropriately.

TaxSlayer has been family owned and operated since 1965. Starting in 1989, TaxSlayer developed new software that allowed offices to complete tax returns on the computer instead of by hand, which was revolutionary in terms of improving efficiency. The software increased the number of returns completed and raised the market price for services.

Harold O.
Harold O.
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TaxSlayer is the best when it comes to filing taxes. I tried a few other websites in the past and they all made some mistakes. Some of these errors cost me a lot of trouble with the IRS, but ever since I went with TaxSlayer I don't have anymore problems.

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