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Real Reviews of The Best Essential Oils

Voted # 1
Breathe Easy Essential Oil
1,214 Real Reviews 98%
  • Breathe Ease
    Great for deep breathing, relieves stuffy noses.
  • Sharp Menthol Like Scent
    Contains Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus citriodora, Myrtle, Peppermint, Spruce, Ravintsara, Pine, and Marjoram
  • Additional Usage
    Makes for a good mist spray or carpet freshener.
  • Bottle Size
    15 ml. Perfect size for traveling.
Immune Strength Essential Oil
948 Real Reviews 97%
  • Immune Strength
    Use this blend to support a healthy immune system.
  • Strong, Deep, Aroma
    Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Orange, Oregano, Mandarin, Thyme, Rosemary, Nutmeg, Ginger Root, and Eucalyptus Citriodora
  • Additional Usage
    Can be used as a carpet cleaning powder, foot massage oil, and clean air mist.
  • Bottle Size
    15 ml. Perfect size for traveling.
Tranquility Essential Oil
1,473 Real Reviews 96%
  • Tranquility
    Use this to help calm and soothe mind and body.
  • Deep Warm Floral Aroma
    Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, Lime, Blue Tansy, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and Citronella
  • Additional Usage
    Works well as a calming room spray and zen diffuser blend.
  • Bottle Size
    15 ml. Perfect size for traveling.
Lavender Essential Oil
578 Real Reviews 97%
  • Lavender Essential OilHelps with stress relief, relaxing the mind and body, and promotes restful sleep.
  • Highly Relaxing Aroma
    Floral, herbaceous, sweet, and slightly woody aromas.
  • Additional Usage
    Soothing migraine support, makes for a good air freshener as well.
  • Bottle Size
    15 ml. Perfect size for traveling.

Essential oils everyone’s heard of them; they are commonly used in the practice of aromatherapy, a form of holistic alternative medicine that is pulled from plant extracts to support health and well-being. From the earliest of time dating back to the days of 3,000 B.C., Nature has provided raw and powerful extracts that have long been valued for their beauty-enhancing medicinal, spiritual, aromatic, and therapeutic value.

Rocky Mountain Oils’ essential oils are the highest quality oils that are available in the industry. Through their meticulous process of selecting suppliers and unwavering dedication to severe quality testing, every essential oil Rocky Mountain Oils sell is 100% pure and authentic. The company vows this standard of quality with their GC/MS test reports, and the additional analysis each oil goes through a quality control process. Their external GC/MS testing process is verified through an independent, third party. Rocky Mountain Oils was founded in 2004 by a group of wellness enthusiasts who set on a mission to produce essential oils that were pure and safe. The company thrives today to provide every customer with a selection of premium essential oils and blends that improve the lives of people worldwide.

Popular Types Of Essential Oils-

  • Peppermint: is used to increase energy and aid digestion
  • Lavender: is used for alleviating stress
  • Sandalwood: is used to help calm the nervous system and help with focus
  • Bergamot: is used to reduce stress levels and improve skin conditions
  • Rose: is used for improving moods and reduce anxiety
  • Chamomileis used to improve moods and help with relaxation
  • Ylang-Ylang: is used to treat headaches, nausea, and as well as skin conditions
  • Tea Tree: is used to battle infections and boost immunity
  • Jasmine: is used for helping with depression, childbirth, and libido
  • Lemon: is used to help with digestion, mood, headaches, and more

What Are Essential Oils?

  • Essential oils are extracted from specific plants.
  • The oils capture the plant’s scent and flavor, or “essence.”
  • Unique aromatic make-ups produce each essential oil characteristic essence.
  • Essential oils are created through distillation or mechanical methods.
  • The elements in essential oils can interact with your body in several positive ways.

Voted # 1 By Real Reviewers:

Part of the Rocky Mountain Essential Oils wellness collection is the Immune Strength essential oil. The Immune Strength oil blend is 100% pure and natural. The components in this blend hold incredibly therapeutic and natural cleansing attributes. It is grown with organic methods and harvested without the usage of fillers, synthetics, or fragrance enhancers.

You can use the Immune Strength Oil blend in a diffuser or personal aroma inhaler. Another effective way to use it is to apply it topically. It can be made into immune support, cooling massage oil to absorb into the body as well. While you’re cleaning the house or in need of a burst of something refreshing, you can transform it into a clean air mist spray. Immune Strength Essential Oil contains a mix of pure essential oils from Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Orange, Oregano, Mandarin, Thyme, Rosemary, Nutmeg, Ginger Root, & Eucalyptus. This RMO Essential Oil Blend contains spicy overtones, with a hint of citrus, which then dives into the rich, deep, herbal undertone. Their proprietary blend of the Immune Strength boosting oil is the highest quality essential oil available on the market.

Based on Real Reviews
Real Reviews 97%
Real Reviews 95%
Value for Money
Real Reviews 96%

Rocky Mountain’s Breathe Ease Essential Oil Blend is another oil from the company’s wellness collection. It has a unique make-up of Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus citriodora, Myrtle, Peppermint, Spruce, Ravintsara, Pine, and Marjoram. These specialty ingredients produce a defined, sharp, menthol-like scent that works to clear your sinuses. Practice deep breathing with the Breathe Ease Essential Oil, pairs well in a diffuser, personal aroma inhaler to revitalize and rejuvenate the respiratory system. And, when applied to the palm of your hand and inhaled deeply three times. This oil also works as a good carpet freshener method for your home, just sprinkle it on the carpet and vacuum. Use it and feel alive again, there’s nothing worse than having that stuffed up nose, or congestion in your chest, with the Breathe Ease Oil all of that goes away. The revitalizing blend is a fabulous means to help stimulate deep breathing with its rich, exhilarating scent. All GC/MS testing verified purity and quality of the oils of Rocky Mountain Essential Oils, so you can be sure you’re using the highest quality oils available on the market.

Warning: Asthmatics may react to the Eucalyptus found in this oil; use this blend with caution. Do not use topically on children younger than 10.

Based on Real Reviews
Real Reviews 97%
Real Reviews 92%
Congestion Relief
Real Reviews 94%

Lavender has been admired for thousands of years amongst many cultures for its desired aroma and numerous therapeutic benefits. The Lavender Essential Oil is part of the Rocky Mountain Oils Mood, Skin Care, and Sleep collections. This oil is one of the purest versatile essential oils on the market. It presents a medium-strength floral, herbaceous, sweet, and slightly woody aroma that is highly refreshing and bright.

This oil is well-known for its calming and soothing attributes; it’s universal uses and benefits are countless. Place it in a diffuser, apply it topically, use around your home to balance tension and stress, also helps relax the mind and body, and promote a good night’s sleep.

Diffuse in your home or office space to cleanse the air, and to help fight environmental threats. Dilute the Lavender Oil with your preferred carrier oil to soothe skin irritations; you may also use Lavender Oil for skincare routines to promote fresh, bright, and glowing skin. Relieve stiff muscles or joints by mixing Lavender with a carrier oil and massage into the tense muscle areas after a workout. Enjoy Lavender’s profoundly relaxing aroma in your next bath with lavender soaps, bath oils, perfumes, and laundry sprays. This all in one Lavender Essential Oil is for everyone, once you purchase it, you’ll see for yourself.

The Tranquility Essential Oil Blend is a member of the Rocky Mountain Oils Mood collection. Let Tranquility help calm and soothe your mind and body and so much more. Tranquility Essential Oil blend sparks a warm, floral, deep calming scent with benefits galore. It is infused with blends of Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, Lime, Blue Tansy, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and Citronella essential oils. Diffuse to enhance meditation practice or to bring overall peace to your day. Incorporate into massage oil for peace and relaxation.

The Tranquility Essential Oil is designed to promote relaxation allowing the blood to flow to the brain. These blends give us a chance to envision our goals and dreams more distinctly as well as helps with insomnia when applied to navel, legs, and back of the neck.

The Tranquility Blend assists in more ways than one, reducing depression and easing anxiety, stress, and tension, also balances and stabilizes emotions, giving you patience, and calming worries. This oil may also play a large part when it comes to hyperactive hard to manage children in offering serenity in their life. It has also been said to be beneficial with children that have frequent night terrors. For those looking to quit smoking, this may very well be your new nitch because it even helps in curing the smoking habit. Easily apply it under the nose, back of the neck, and when diluted with massage oil rub into your back or mix in your bathwater. The Tranquility Essential Oil Blend has been used in so many ways and contains so many benefits how could you not want to order it? Great for the entire family.

Aromatic plants are the foundation for herbal and botanical medicines and natural home remedies for thousands of years. Culture and historical records provide insights and knowledge of how essential oils were used in the past, and how they can aid in our lives today. Fortunately, with the restored interest in essential oils and their use, many new clinical studies document the effectiveness and benefits. The way the oils are made is crucial, essential oils created through chemical processes are not considered authentic essential oils. Following the aromatic chemicals that have been extracted, they are blended with a carrier oil to form a result that’s ready for use. Inhaling the aromas of essential oils help stimulate areas of your limbic system, which is a part of your brain that operates as a role in emotions, behaviors, sense of smell, and long-term memory. The limbic system additionally plays a role in regulating numerous unconscious physiological functions, like breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure.

There are over 90 various types of essential oils, each with its own unique smell and potential health benefits. Rocky Mountain Essential Oils are 100% pure, premium quality, therapeutic oils. Although these oils are available on Amazon, we have had some complaints, so we highly recommend purchasing through the Rocky Mountain website to ensure your oils remain 100% pure.

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Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils have been noted for their ingredients and herbal homeopathic essential oils. Our users noted that they generally felt better have some aromatherapy.

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