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Real Reviews of the Best Headphones Under $100

Voted #1
2,624 Real Reviews 95%
  • ANC (Active Noise Canceling)
    Cancels out extraneous low-frequency sounds
  • Bluetooth Enabled
    No wires to worry about (Aux cord enabled as well)
  • Playback Time
    30 hours of playback with a 4hr charge
  • Over-Ear Comfort
    Designed for extended listening and total comfort.
Editor's Choice
Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500
967 Real Reviews 93%
  • Signature 40mm Audio Performance
    Deep and rich sound and acoustics
  • Sweat and Moisture Protection
    P2i military-grade nano-coating
  • Long-Lasting Battery
    18 hours of playback on a single charge
  • Comfortable On-Ear Design
    Memory phone headband and earcups
2,444 Real Reviews 93%
  • IPX7 Waterproof Sport Design
    High-grade waterproof quality
  • Bluetooth Enabled
    No need for wires or plugs
  • Comfortable Design
    Earhook and wire clip neck cord for comfort and control
  • Long-Time Playback
    A 2-hour charge gives 8 hours of playback
1,189 Real Reviews 92%
  • IPX8 Waterproof Design
    Nano-coating to ensure
  • MFB Multi-Function Button
    Allowing seamless use without taking out your device
  • Charging Case
    Enables charging while on-the-go
  • Ergonomically Designed
    Gel-flex silicone earcaps

According to Grand View Research, the headphone industry will reach a market size worth $15.80 Billion by the year 2025. We live in a world of podcasts and different streaming audio. There are some headphones and earbuds out there that can run you far into the hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, of dollars. For those of us looking to get quality headphones and earbuds and not break the bank, we’ve assembled some of the best headphones under $100.

Although earbuds have become all the rage in recent years, some people still prefer the quality sound and comfort you can get from over-ear headphones. The larger drivers in over the ear models make them more comfortable and gives them the ability to have larger drivers, which generally translates to better sound. Although they are not as portable as inner ear models or earbuds, the quality and comfort are hard to match.

Cowin E7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones are an excellent option for those who want a quality pair of over-the-ear headphones without breaking the bank. They start at 50 dollars depending on the color option, COWIN’s headphones are Bluetooth enabled, boasting an impressive 30 hours of playtime. With their professional noise canceling properties, you can block out the distractions around you, whether you are listening to music or watching a video. The Cowin also has the auxiliary cord option so you can hook up to your record player or other non-Bluetooth enabled devices. With their incredibly comfortable pads, you will be able to listen for hours without sacrificing comfort. Perfect for commuting, traveling, or using at home, if you want an affordable Over-the-ear headphone, Cowin E7 is definitely worth your time.

Based on 2,624 Real Reviews
2,624 Real Reviews 95%
Sound Quality
2,624 Real Reviews 95%
Overall Satisfaction
2,624 Real Reviews 96%
2,624 Real Reviews 96%
Would I Recommend Them
2,624 Real Reviews 95%

Although the Cowin is great for comfort, it is undoubtedly too bulky (and not equipped) for the rigors of working out. If you are still looking for comfort, and don’t want to use inner-ear headphones, the Plantronics BackBear FIT 500 could be an option for you. They are on-ear headphones, so while not as comfortable as the over-ear Cowin design, they are still very easy to wear and a far better option for people who don’t like the inner-ear models. The BackBeat Fit 500’s are designed for working out in particular, so these headphones come with sweat and moisture protection. This feature makes them an excellent choice for working out even in the rain without worrying about them breaking on you.

The BackBeat Fit comes with 18 hours of battery life, which is plenty to get you through the day. They are Bluetooth enabled with the option to use an auxiliary cord as well. With deep, quality sound, you are sure to be happy with the quality audio that you get. They also come with a wideband enabled mic so you can answer calls or use Siri and other voice-enabled programs. These headphones also come with controls on the outside of the earphone. That way, you don’t have to take out your phone or device to change your music. At just $65, these headphones are quality far beyond the price.

Based on 967 Real Reviews
967 Real Reviews 98%
Sound Quality
967 Real Reviews 96%
967 Real Reviews 94%
Overall Satisfaction
967 Real Reviews 97%
Would I Recommend Them
967 Real Reviews 95%

If you are looking for portability, there is nothing better than inner ear headphones. LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones are a great option if you want some inner ear portability, but don’t want to worry about having to keep track of two little earbuds that can go missing too quickly. These headphones come with a cord that fits around the back of your neck so you can take out the earbuds without having to hold them or put them away. They also have comfortable ear hooks to ensure that they will stay on you during even the most vigorous movement.

The LETSCOM headphones are Bluetooth enabled and offer 8 hours of playback time. One of the nice features of the headphones is that they are also IPX7 waterproof, so even in the most torrential downpour, you will be able to listen to your music. Designed with working out in mind, they also work well as an everyday carry set of headphones, helping you on your commute or even in the office. With CVC noise cancellation, you can also shut out some of the extraneous sound coming from around you. At just around $20, these are the least expensive pair on out list, and they certainly do not disappoint.

With the tremendous popularity of the “Airpods” from Apple, competing earbud products have been popping up everywhere. TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds are the best option for Bluetooth earbuds you can find at an amazingly affordable price. They have an ergonomic design with gel-flexible ear caps to ensure the maximum amount of comfort. They are IPX8 waterproof so you can use them during rainstorms or at the gym with confidence. These stereo earbuds come with incredibly accurate sound and around 3.5 hours of battery life from one charge.

The TOZO T10 also comes with a wireless charging case, which allows you to charge the headphones while you are on the go. With their simple one-step pairing process, you can easily switch from your phone to your tablet to your laptop. The real benefit of this style of headphones is absolutely no wires to deal with at all. You charge them, place them in your ears, and go. Coming in at only $50, these are the best inexpensive quality earbuds that you can find.

There are many things to consider when you are purchasing your headphones or earbuds. First off, do you want inner earbuds, on-ear, or over-the-ear headphones? Do you want Bluetooth enabled, or are you ok with having to hook up with a wire? Are your headphones going to be for working out or for your commute? Or are you going to be wearing them all the time? With such a large selection of headphones, available price should also be a consideration. Headphones can start at $10 for the standard “gas station” brand up to $500 and beyond for some of the more expensive brands. Let’s not get into the ones designed for the studio where prices can be well over $1000 for a pair. For more Real Reviews on today’s best products follow the link to Real Reviews.org

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