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Real Reviews of the Best Small-Batch Coffee Brands

Voted #1
Death Wish
1,190 Real Reviews 94%
  • “The World’s Strongest Coffee”
    Over double the average caffeine content.
  • USDA Organic Beans
    Made with certified Fair Trade coffee beans.
  • Subtle Flavor NotesBold dark roast with notes of cherry and chocolate.
  • Small Batch Roasted
    Ensures quality and consistency in the beans.
Editor's Choice
Black Rifle BlackBeards Delight
1,235 Real Reviews 94%
  • 100% Brazillian Coffee Beans
    Extra dark with low acidic aftertaste.
  • Small Batch Roasted
    Roasted to order to ensure the best quality.
  • Veteran Owned Company
    A portion of profits go to Veterans.
  • Espresso Beans of the Highest Quality
    It can be used for drip, french press, or any other style.
Real Good Coffee Co
1,674 Real Reviews 93%
  • Organic Dark Roast Beans
    Full-bodied single-origin coffee.
  • Sustainable Coffee Beans
    Arabica beans from Central and South America.
  • Subtle Tasting Notes
    Flavors of bell pepper, cedar, and lemon.
  • Seattle Based Company
    30 Years of roasting experience in the capital of coffee.
Koffee Kult Dark Roast
1,623 Real Reviews 92%
  • Organic Beans from All over the World
    Beans from Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, and Indonesia.
  • Artisan Roasted Coffee
    Freshly roasted in Hollywood, FL.
  • Great Aroma and Taste
    Heavy body with notes of Cinnamon.
  • Dark Roast No Oil
    Smooth flavor with a balanced acidity.

According to Business Insider, Coffee is a $100 Billion Industry. Coffee is the second highest sought after commodity worldwide, only finishing behind crude oil. Buying great artisan and small-batch coffee beans and making your morning cup at home can save a lot of money and still give you the coffee shop taste experience you’ve come to enjoy. Even expensive coffee beans brewed at home can take your cost down from $5 a cup to around 20-50 cents. Better than buying ground coffee is buying small-batch whole beans and grinding them right before you make your brew, ensuring the highest levels of freshness and taste (which is how coffee shops tend to make all of their beverages.) Whether you are looking for taste, caffeine content, or a variety of other things, there are many options for you to find the correct cup of coffee.

What is Small-Batch Coffee?

It is well known that coffee tastes better when it is fresh. As soon as a roasted coffee bean comes into contact with oxygen, it starts to deteriorate and eventually becomes stale. Ideally, coffee should be consumed within 7-10 days of roasting to ensure it’s freshness at taste (according to the National Coffee Association.) Small-Batch Coffee roasters typically only make the amount of product which they will be able to sell, some of them even roast specific beans to order specifications. Although this makes the coffee more expensive than the larger coffee bean companies, it avoids all the chemicals used to help “preserve” the coffee beans and ultimately allows for a much more pleasing product.

Who Makes Small-Batch Coffee?

Having started in a small coffee shop in upstate New York, Death Wish Coffee came into the market back in 2009. They boast the highest caffeine level of any organic coffee on the market. Their caffeine content is double that of an average cup of coffee. Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-owned and operated coffee company that was founded in 2014. The company has had great success capitalizing on its two main focuses, their love of country and their love of coffee. Real Good Coffee in Seattle has over 30 years of roasting experience.  Located in Hollywood Florida Koffee Kult has been roasting coffee since 2010. 

As you can see, small-batch coffee roasters are from all over the country. They are smaller operations that make and sell far less quantity than the larger companies like Maxwell House and Folgers. Roasting beans specifically for the consumer and their needs, these small-batch coffee makers provide coffee shop quality beans for your home.

Flavor Profiles and Practices

Rated the Best Small-Batch Coffee By Real Reviews Users:

Death Wish Coffee

When compared to dark roasts the blonde roasts, usually provide a higher caffeine level.  This is not the case with Death Wish coffee.  Death Wish coffee uses a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans and utilizes a temperature variation roasting technique to give this dark roast it’s high caffeine content. Death Wish is brewed with only USDA organic and certified fair trade coffee beans. Using a small-batch approach, artisan coffees can avoid the acidity you get in a more generic coffee bean. It works great for cold brew as well as for your pour-over, french press, or any other way you like to grab your fix. With its subtle notes of cherry and chocolate, it’s a great cup of joe for coffee snobs and novice drinkers alike.

Based on 1,190 Real Reviews
1,190 Real Reviews 96%
1,190 Real Reviews 95%
1,190 Real Reviews 94%
Overall Satisfaction
1,190 Real Reviews 96%
Would I Recommend It
1,190 Real Reviews 96%

Editor's Choice: Blackbeard's Delight by Black Rifle Coffee

Blackbeard’s Delight by Black Rifle Coffee uses 100% Colombian & Brazillian coffee blends that come in light, medium, dark, & extra dark roasts. Blackbeard’s Delight uses Brazillian coffee beans in the roast, which gives it a tremendously dark profile. The beans have a remarkably low acidic taste and come with a subtle hint of chocolate. With average caffeine content for a dark roast, these beans are perfect for anytime of the day.  A portion of all the proceeds gets donated to a veteran, law enforcement, fire, and first responder causes. Black Rifle Coffee is a small group of Veterans that keep their operation small-scale to ensure quality.

Based on 1,1235 Real Reviews
1,235 Real Reviews 94%
1,235 Real Reviews 96%
1,235 Real Reviews 96%
Overall Satisfaction
1,235 Real Reviews 96%
Would I Recommend It
1,235 Real Reviews 96%

Real Good Coffee’s Organic Dark Roast is made with 100% Whole Arabica beans. Arabica coffee beans are much more challenging to grow and require far more attention than their counterparts, the Robusta coffee bean. Arabica beans are known to have a much wider and pleasant flavor profile. Like the other roasters, Real Good Coffee works only as a small team and only in a small batch. They also only use USDA certified organic beans and recyclable materials. You can see their commitment to quality without the flash in their packaging. They only sell in quantities as small as 2 pounds, which allows them to give you more coffee at a reasonable price (price per quantity they are the most cost-effective brand on this list.) They also have a straightforward package that is resealable to ensure freshness (again made from recyclable materials.)

Koffee Kult’s smooth and dark flavor comes with hints of Cinnamon and (like the other favorites) is very low in acidity. This artisanal whole bean coffee can be used for espresso, in your pour-over, as a drip coffee, in a french press, or any other way you like to prepare your coffee. It is locally roasted and small-batch, so you know you’re getting excellent quality. Koffee Kult has amassed a large following because of its simple approach to roasting and business. They offer many different types of beans, which change seasonally, but the Dark Roast is their most popular. Even with their growth (They are currently the official coffee of the Florida Panthers NHL team and can be found at every home game), they continue to only roast beans locally and solely based on need.

CartaCoffee Merchants state that large barrel coffee roasters use roasting drums with around 2000 pounds of bean capacity. Compare that to a small-batch roaster which only uses roasting drums approximately 10 to 20 pounds. There is more room for error when roasting a coffee bean in such large quantities. Larger companies also tend to care less about the roasting process and more about the bottom line. For a nominal difference in cost, small-batch coffee roasters give you the high-quality coffee you would pay 5 dollars for at the local cafe, without sacrificing taste like you would if you went with a large-batch company like Maxwell House. For more in-depth reviews on today’s hottest products go to Real

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