Smart TV’s Under $200 on Amazon

Smart TV’s Under $200 on Amazon
Smart TV’s Under $200 on Amazon

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#1 Ranked – SKYWORTH E20300

Skyworth AndroidTV is an excellent option for anyone looking for a Smart TV this size. With a 2.0 Infinity screen, this E series TV gives the viewer more screen with some of the most minimal bezels you can find. The frameless design allows this television to work with almost any decor and gives it a modern and sleek appearance. The Skyworth E20300 comes with all of the essential hookups you would need for Blu-ray players or video-game systems. The infinity A53 quad-core processor brings you infinite seamless technology to your home. The chipset is designed with quicker loading time for all your apps, games, and content.

Picture Quality
Ease of Use
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Tired of typing one letter at a time to get to the movie or show you want? With voice command, you just speak into the remote and find the program you’re looking for — the Skyworth E20300 Tv with built-in voice control and android tv. The VOICE COMMAND on Android TV with built-in Google Assistant can search contents by merely speaking into the remote. The voice remote also allows for easier use of TV operations in the future. The Android OS has the ability to learn the user’s habits, which creates more commands in the near future as the system upgrades. The Skyworth E20300 allows you to stream from all your favorite platforms and hooks directly to your google account and google voice

#2 Ranked - Toshiba 32LF221U19

If you are an Amazon person, this could be the tv for you. This Toshiba is the FireTV edition, so you have all the benefits of your Amazon Fire Stick-built into your TV. The Toshiba’s incredibly simple plug-and-play technology allows you connect to the wifi, and your accounts are ready to stream. Enjoy 720p HD picture quality for lifelike detail, rich contrast, and brilliant colors. The Toshiba 32LF221U19 is built for speed and performance. A quad-core CPU/Multi-core GPU powers it for instant search results and fast and fluid responsiveness. Setup is made easy with dual-band Wi-Fi, three HDMI inputs, and multiple input/output options. You can even customize the name of each input and adjust picture settings for each connected device.

The Toshiba 32LF221U19 has full voice control with Alexa, so now you can access all of the content you are looking for, simply by speaking into the remote. With over 500,000 streaming movies and television episodes from the multiple platforms available to you. The FireTV is compatible with Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, and more. This little television has all of the abilities anyone would need.

#3 Ranked - Westinghouse 32 inch Roku HD LED Smart TV

The Westinghouse 32” Roku TV is a smart TV at a low price. With the popular streaming device ROKU built-in to the television, you can stream all of your content directly after you have hooked up to WiFi. Using the free Roku Mobile App, you are also able to voice command, set up lists of content, or share videos, music, and photos. The Roku Mobile App comes with a keyboard so you can type everything out.

With Dolby Audio, this Roku Smart TV provides the user with unparalleled sound and balance. The Westinghouse television comes with Full High Definition (FHD), providing you with the highest quality picture that is possible through the most current formats of streaming and physical media. You can cast straight from your mobile device, connect to one of the apps, or hook up traditionally through HDMI and other inputs to view all of your content. To make connectivity easy, the Westinghouse comes with Built-in Dual-band Wi-Fi for fast streaming. A USB for playing your media, 3 HDMI and 1 Composite video connections. They also provide an Optical Digital out for connecting multi-channel audio to your AV system or soundbar.

#4 Ranked - Komodo by Sceptre

The Komodo by Sceptre is remarkable when you stop to think about it. Not that long ago, a television of this quality would be an investment, something that would take a lot of consideration before purchase due to the high price tag. But that is not the case now with the Komodo. Amazingly, this High Definition TV comes in under $100, an amazing price point considering the quality that you receive.

Although it does not come with the built-in connectivity that the previous models do, you can quickly hook up any streaming device or other content hardware to this tv. Also, it can serve as an additional computer monitor with it’s HDMI and VGA inputs. The Komodo is also made to be mounted to the wall, sit on a dresser, placed on a table, or wherever else you decide. At this incredible price point, this TV is a no brainer for anyone looking to put one in an additional room.

How Should I Choose a Smart TV?

Quality of Picture
Looking for the best picture quality, high definition is essential to improve your viewing experience.

Connectivity and Technology
Having Voice Control, Streaming Solutions, and physical inputs are all necessary so you can enjoy all of your content.

Price Point
Since this size TV is usually used in a bedroom or spare room, most people are looking not to “break the bank” when it comes to buying a television at this size.

Having additional TV’s in your home has almost become the norm. Having one in your bedroom or spare room allows you to get away from everyone and enjoy your favorite shows in peace and quiet. With the price of TVs going down but the quality increasing, there is no better time to buy that additional TV now.

Everyone likes to relax in front of the TV every once and awhile. Televisions have gotten dramatically larger and sharper over the past several decades. What used to cost thousands of dollars you can now get for just a couple hundred (or even less.) If you are looking for a Smart TV for the office, guest room, or bedroom, 32” seems to be the most popular size you can get. With so many different Smart TVs to choose from, we’ve provided you with 4 of the best, affordable TV’s at that size.

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