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Real Reviews of The Best Wine Cooler

Top Wine Coolers

Voted # 1
Ivation Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
507 Real Reviews 96%
  • Digital Touch Controls and LCD Display
    Easily program and lock in temperature settings
  • Stores Wine at the Perfect Temperature
    Adjustable temperature range of 54º – 64ºF (12º – 18ºC)
  • Efficient, Quiet, and Vibration-free
    Thermoelectric non-compressor cooling system will not disturb wines' naturally-occurring sediments
  • Slide-out Chrome Shelves
    Sturdy, removable slide-out shelves that hold 18 standard 750ml bottles
hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler
921 Real Reviews 97%
  • Easy, Adjustable Thermostat
    Features an easy-to-use temperature control system that can cool down to 34°F
  • Great for Any Space
    The perfect size for home bars, man caves and more
  • Interior Light and Convection Fan
    Works quietly and offers an interior, white LED light to illuminate your beverages
  • Large Capacity with Removable Racks
    Contains 3 adjustable and removable shelves to organize and prioritize the items inside
Kalamera 15'' Wine Cooler
341 Real Reviews 94%
  • Smart Digital Control
    LCD temperature display enables you to tune the temp to your favorite degree
  • Wooden Shelves
    One shelf could hold up to 5 bottles of different sizes of your favorite wines
  • Safety Lock
    Built-in universal hexagon bolt lock guarding your cooler, so only you can manage your cooler and prevent children from getting inside
  • Reversible door
    The slim dimensions of this cooler and reversible door allow it to be convenient wherever you put it
NewAir Wine Cooler
913 Real Reviews 95%
  • LED Display & Digital Thermostat
    Fully accessible push button controls and digital temperature readout is made to be user-friendly
  • Vibration Free Technology
    Preserve wine flavor and aroma in this thermoelectric, vibration free design
  • Large Capacity Design
    All racks are made to hold up to 28 standard wine bottles and because they're adjustable, you can make room for Champagne as well
  • Fits Anywhere
    Compact design fits in small spaces easily and requires only 4" of clearance on all sides

The Ivation Wine Cooler is one of the top of the line wine coolers on the market. It is made to preserve the quality and taste of your wines in a regulated thermoelectric environment. This compact wine cooler produces a specific, temperature, and moisture-controlled environment for your wines, flawlessly keeping the unique qualities their vintners intended. Whether it’s white, red, rose, sparkling, or dessert wines, the Ivation wine cooler keeps all of your wines chilled and ready to enjoy. The only way to best protect the quality and taste of your wine, whether it be long or short term, and to ensure that it ages at a harmonious level, the wine must be stored in a perfect environment with a consistent temperature.

Thankfully The Ivation Wine Cooler was designed for that exact purpose. You can verify and customize the temperature and humidity of the cooler with the easy-to-read touch screen digital LCD display creating an ideal climate for your wines aging process. The range is from 54º – 64ºF (12º – 18ºC), providing you to be able to bring out the actual characteristics and flavor of your wine long-term. It will protect your wines, savoring its quality and rich flavors so that you may enjoy its real taste. The Ivation Wine Cooler is specially designed with Solid polyurethane thick foam (CFC-free) insulation and sealed with tempered smoked thermopane doors to guarantee an odor-free interior environment. Maintaining constant humidity, preventing the cork from drying out, which prevents more air from coming into contact with the wine. To also ensure darkness, blocking out the sunlight and harmful UV rays that break down the complex molecules that make up the unique flavors with appropriately aged wines. As you open the door, the interior lighting will click on and will gently shine down on every bottle, casting a faint glow throughout the cooler. This allows you to locate your favorite bottle, with the help of the sturdy, removable slide-out shelves that provide easy access and hold 18 standard wine bottles. Lastly, The Ivation Wine Cooler is built with an energy-efficient high-tech thermoelectric cooling system making it much quieter than others on the market. This cooler runs without a compressor that focuses on minimizing the vibration effect and noise, allowing your wine to age and settle correctly, without disruption to its natural occurring sediments. Making this our top pick of the wine coolers, it really is the bang for your buck.

Based on 507 Real Reviews
Noise Level
507 Real Reviews 95%
Easy To Use
507 Real Reviews 98%
Temperature Control
507 Real Reviews 96%
Easy Visibility
507 Real Reviews 94%
507 Real Reviews 97%

The hOmeLabs Beverage Cooler is, in fact, ideal for any space, to keep a wide variety of drinks at their coolest. The 120V 240W is a heavy-duty, vertical chiller featuring an energy-efficient advanced technology. To quickly cool the chiller, a quiet whisper compressor works with a small convection fan keeping a consistent airflow for a uniform temperature supply inside. Although this free-standing cooler is not specifically designed for wine, it can definitely do the job. If you are new to collecting wines or just like to enjoy a bottle or two on the weekends while your partner enjoys a nice cold beer, this is the perfect fit. This 3.2 cubic feet free standing modern electric beverage cooler features a smooth, black exterior appearance with an elegant see-through, left hinge (nonreversible) glass front door lined with a stainless steel frame featuring an elegant white LED interior lights permitting you to see your beverages, day or night.

The hOmeLabs Beverage Cooler comes equipped with large, internal storage consisting of 3 adjustable and removable chrome shelves. The drink organizer conveniently holds up to 120 standard-sized soda or beer cans, and several bottles of wine. Not to worry, with the advanced easy-touch temperature control, your wine will keep its distinctive rich taste. However, when it comes to storing wine, the protection from light is limited due to this being made to store a wide range of drinks. The hOmeLabs Beverage Cooler also includes a built-in temperature sensor for auto defrost mode. The cooler chills all the way down to 34°F, and with the large digital display, you’re able to monitor and set the cooler to any temperature. In the event of a power outage, the built-in memory function will automatically restore the preset temperature of the cooler.

Based on 921 Real Reviews
Noise Level
921 Real Reviews 95%
Temperature Control
921 Real Reviews 96%
921 Real Reviews 98%
Energy Efficiency
921 Real Reviews 95%
Value For Money
921 Real Reviews 95%

Whether you’re looking for a built-in wine cooler in your kitchen or bar area, or a free-standing unit in your dining room or entertainment area, the Kalamera’s wine refrigerator is just for you. It is designed with a high-end single-zone system that keeps your wine chilled at the temperature that you set. The built-in one-touch LCD temperature display allows you to tune the temp to your favorite degree between 40-66°F. Following a power outage, the thermal memory meter function restores your cooler back to the original set temperature, protecting your wine collection from going bad with the increasing temp. The advanced-technology of the Kalamera’s wine refrigerator consists of a low vibration and low noise compressor that works to keep wine sediments calm, making wine tastes fresh and invigorating, without a bitter aftertaste.

The elegant appearance of the unit consists of a gleaming stainless steel frame and a 2-layer tempered glass door protecting your wine from the natural light to ensure the preservation of your wine further. The interior is lit by a soft blue LED light that showcases your wine collection when you are entertaining friends and family. When it comes to wine coolers the Kalamera’s wine refrigerator thinks of everything. If you have children, the built-in universal hexagon bolt lock is a huge plus to guard your cooler, so you are in charge and can manage your cooler storage space, preventing anyone from going inside your wine cooler, and frequent openings with temperature changing that affects your wine. There are six wooden racks inside each one being able to hold 5 bottles, designed to perfectly hold up to 30 wine bottles while permitting air to circulate freely around them, and a carbon filter installed inside to protect against any odors. Everything you need to enjoy the perfect chilled glass of wine is right in front of you, except for the wine bottles.

If you’re a wine connoisseur and looking for a way to keep your favorite flavors handy and fresh, then the single zone NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is just what you need — designed with the thought of your wine in mind. The new and advanced wine cooler chills your wine to your ideal temperature. With lots of amenities and sophisticated design, this unit is an excellent choice for you. Here, NewAir presents a wine cooler that compliments any setting with its black cabinet with chrome racks to blend with your decor. The NewAir single zone wine refrigerator offers precise temperature control with a highly developed thermoelectric cooling system. It runs compressor-free to make it operate quietly and vibration-free, store wine without altering the acidity, tannins, or the refractive index.

Installed is a convenient digital temperature control panel for easy monitoring using the digital controls and LED display, with the touch of a button you can change the temperature of your wine. This NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler chills wine from 54-66° F to produce superior results without over chilling, and with the humidity control, you never have to worry about the corks drying out. It has been designed to safeguard even your best vintages adequately. This stylish wine cooler features chrome-plated wine racks, and a cool-burning LED light for optimal viewing into your wine cooler to illuminate interior without heating the wine. It features a rather sizeable 28-bottle capacity equipped with 6 sliding and removable shelves for custom storage, so you can easily store your extensive wine collection, perfect for any wine lover. Maximize your wine flavors with one of the tops of the line wine coolers by storing it at the correct temperature.

Wine coolers are simply a fabulous place to store your wine, unlike other environments, like the fridge or a closet. Wine refrigerators are committed solely to storing and preserving your wines. This means no more disturbing your wine when needing a bottle of cranberry juice in the back of your fridge or randomly hitting your case of prized wine while searching for your old tennis racket in the closet. Instead, store your wine in a wine cooler, lie it down gently on its side to guarantee preservation while enjoying perfect temperatures, perfect quietness, stillness, and no bright lights. In addition to achieving proper storage temperatures, wine coolers create the ideal serving temperatures for your wines, whether you enjoy white, reds, or champagne.

Wine refrigerators, when kept at temperatures between 55° to 57°, will leave you with perfect wine drinking temperatures. Some wine consumers chill their white wines in a regular refrigerator, leaving their wines too cold at levels around 35° and consume their red wines at levels too warm as they are typically stored at room temperature. Overall, wine refrigerators are designed to ensure that all your wines are at the prime temperature point for drinking. Serving wines at 55° will even benefit a $10 bottle of wine, as it gives the wine a fuller and mellow flavor with each sip that is exceptionally palate-pleasing. If you’re looking to protect and savor your wines any of the above wine coolers will be just right for you.

Storing wines at the right temperature has many benefits; temperature stability is essential to the prolonged life and flavor of all wine as heat ages wine, the extreme cold temperatures stunt a wine’s growth. Another advantage of purchasing a wine refrigerator is an entirely vibration-free environment. Vibrations that occur in regular home refrigerators disrupt the naturally occurring sediment in wine, which then interferes with the wine’s natural aging process. Vibrations cause movement, which will cause the wine to age just as excessive heat would. However, wine coolers are designed to limit vibrations to a bare minimum to ensure that your wine rests disturbance-free. Another issue when storing wine is natural light, it is, in fact, a natural rival of wine. Bottles that are dark and thickly created offer minor protection; still, extended exposure to natural or fluorescent light will destroy your wine’s flavor over time. A wine that has suffered from light exposure tastes stale and boring.

Once a wine bottle is opened, bacteria begins to turn the sugar from grapes or the alcohol into vinegar. Bacteria need oxygen to grow. Wine’s fermentation process creates a lot of carbon dioxide once the yeasts turn sugars into alcohol. Once you open the bottle, you expose it to air, causing it to oxidize, and the flavor begins to depreciate because of the chemistry changes. Wine lasts longer when you seal the bottle airtight and store correctly. If the wine is of high quality, it can last for years! Yet, if you’re saving a cheap wine, it should be drunk within a year or two after uncorking. Fortunately, wine coolers are either outfitted with solid doors or glass doors with built-in light protection to guarantee your wine avoids such damaging effects. Not everyone has a wine cellar, but if you’re thinking about investing in your first wine cooler, we’ve put together a review on the top 4 wine coolers for you. They’re reasonable priced and the perfect way to entertain and enjoy a glass of wine. Temperature-controlled wine coolers naturally give you an advantage by helping you to maintain consistent, ideal conditions for wine storage. 

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