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At T.B. Lending Company we have developed a quick and simple process for getting you the finances you need to keep going.  Get a quick response from our dedicated team.  With fixed monthly payments you can make direct from your bank account.

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Website: linklinklink.com
N.Y, New York

224 Reviews

Excellent 45%
Great 20%
Average 10%
Poor 5%

The application was..

The application was quick and simple but i still am waiting for an offer i can agree with.

User: Jorge W.
User Rating: 7/10

This has been great…

This has been great for me as i needed a loan quick! the process took me all but 8 minutes before i got a call after applying online.  was offered 2 different financial choices and agent SUNNY DAVIS slowly walked me through the process! THANKS SUNNY!!!

User: Lana D.
User Rating: 10/10

I still haven’t gotten …

I still havn’t gotten a response.  It’s been about a week since i’ve turned in my application. Please contact me at taustin1965@yahoo.com

User: Thomas A
User Rating: 5/10

Very nice…

Very nice

User: Tracey
User Rating: 10/10

Everything went well until…

Everything went well until i got a phone call from an idiot.  Whoever “Parker” is I want you to know you are an idiot. You must get alot of flack from your bosses about your incompetence.

User: Hannah
User Rating: 1/10

What Real Reviews Thinks

Real Reviews Grade

Customer Service 45%
Customer Satisfaction 50%
Response Time 68%
Quality of Service 70%

T.B. Lending Company is an online personal loan company.  They can seem predatory as their rates are known to be a little high, but as they are taking on high risk clients, this can be seen as common practice.  Real Reviews gives this company a grade of 5.6 out of 10.

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