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Talkspace Reviews

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577 Reviews 92%
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9.4 / 10

Talkspace is a unique mobile application based service that connects you with a licensed therapist through their app.  Our reviewers loved how convenient and easy to use the app is, and they were very happy with the therapy they received.  If you need someone to talk to, Talkspace is here to help, and for a limited time they are offering steep discounts on their therapy services.

Angie E.
Angie E.
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Sometimes life can be so lonely, and you just feel like you wish you had someone to talk to. I don't have the time to do in-person therapy because of where I live and work, so I always felt that therapy was a luxury I'd never enjoy. With Talkspace I can communicate with my therapist through my phone on my own time, and it has been so great to use it. I love my therapist, and talking with them has really helped me to feel a bit better about my anxieties.

There are things that happen in life where the best thing you could do for your mental health is to talk to someone. Friends and family may give you a great sense of comfort, but there are specific issues and topics that you just cannot discuss with loved ones sometimes. There are also mental health issues that loved ones cannot diagnose. Talking to a licensed therapist can help give you constructive and unbiased insight into your problems. If you feel skeptical about online therapy, you should be aware that there have been studies that show online therapy has equal or greater success than the typical in-person treatment.

Talkspace offers access to a qualified therapist through audio, video, and text. Their most well known factor is that you can directly message your therapist 5 days a week. Our reviewers noted this feature alone kept them on the Talkspace subscription because when issues arose, they felt comforted by the fact that they could immediately message their therapist the second a problem occurred.  With the ability to stay in contact with your therapist daily, Talkspace offers more chances for you to connect with your licensed therapist than traditional therapy appointments. For this reason, many reviewers prefer Talkspace over in-person and in-office therapy.

With a network of thousands of therapists to help you, Talkspace boasts an impressive roster of licensed and experienced professionals. Talkspace makes sure that all therapists undergo a rigorous vetting and credentialing process to ensure the best quality care for their clients.

Georgia N.
Georgia N.
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Sometimes I get in a funk that I just can't kick and it feels like I have noone to talk to. With talkspace I can connect to a therapist when I'm feeling down, and using their app has really helped me to cope when I'm not at my best. My therapist is great, and I don't know how I dealt with my problems before I finally connected with her through talkspace.

Our users found Talkspace to be more effective than traditional therapy just because they had more chances to connect with their therapist. Reviewers also found that Talkspace was almost 60% cheaper than conventional therapy. In fact, most Americans with mental health issues do not seek treatment because they cannot afford it. Typical therapy sessions can cost up to $250 per session, while Talkspace is billed at only $260 a month. Users also felt reassured to know that all communication done through the Talkspace app was secure and private. Talkspace regularly undergoes security audits to ensure that your information is protected. Talkspace therapist also adheres to strict professional and ethical codes of conduct when it comes to the confidentiality of their clients. Reviewers noted they felt safe talking to their therapist and regularly looked forward to their sessions.

Janice C.
Janice C.
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I love Talkspace. I can't tell you how many times I've had a panic attack and just ran out of the room I was in. I've panicked in public places without even knowing what was going on. I'm so glad for the Talkspace app because anytime I have a serious issue, I can immediately talk to my therapist. I just want others who are lonely and need someone to talk to know that help is available if you look for it. Please write a review about Talkspace, I want to get the word out to others who suffer from panic attacks like myself.

Based on our positive reviews, we can confidently state that this is a service you should use if you need an affordable therapist. Reviewers who are often busy also noted that they loved the fact that they could talk to their therapist at any time. Typical issues such as time and transportation are eliminated because Talkspace is online. You are presented with a variety of available time slots that you can choose from, meaning you never have to leave work early again. Talkspace is also more affordable than your traditional in-person therapy sessions. Talkspace also allows you to pay once a month for as many sessions as you need.

Ralph F.
Ralph F.
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One of my favorite things about Talkspace is the price. I've always thought I needed help but I just couldn't afford therapy. At almost $200 a session I couldn't afford to go get help. I saw an ad for Talkspace, and I just couldn't believe I could talk to a license therapist for $260 A MONTH, FIVE DAYS A WEEK. There are things I'm still working on, but in general I feel alot better about myself. Please, if you need help like I did, please please I'm begging you check out Talkspace.

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We've had nothing but glowing reviews for Talkspace. The price, the quality of therapist, and the value patients got from their Talkspace therapist is inspiring. If you were looking to seek professional help but just couldn't afford it Talkspace maybe the best alternative you.

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