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TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that connects freelance laborers with people who need quick jobs done. TaskRabbit, Taskers, as they are known, provide immediate help with tasks such as moving, delivery, handyman work, and cleaning. The company was founded after the founder, Leah Busque, had no time to purchase dog food and wished a neighbor would help.

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What's Good About TaskRabbit?

Safety: You’ll never have to be worried or feel unsafe when hiring from TaskRabbitTaskRabbit requires background checks for all U.S. applicants. In order to become a Tasker, applicants must provide their Social Security number to register. From there, TaskRabbit runs a full background check report to verify information the applicant’s identity. TaskRabbit checks from local, national, and sex offender databases.  This background check was one of the reasons why our users felt safe using the TaskRabbit hiring marketplace compared to other handy-man for hire type sites.

Wide Range of Services Available: Our users noted that they’ve used TaskRabbit hires for a wide range of services, one even stating they hired one to pick up Taco Bell because they were “out in the boonies.” Here’s a list of popular reasons why people hire Taskers:

What Types of Things Will TaskRabbit Taskers Help Me With?

Assembling a Table or Desk
No need to mess with complicated instructions or heavy tools. If you have some furniture that needs assembly, TaskRabbit can match you with a qualified tasker. There won’t be any reason to stress out the next time you buy some furniture from ikea, and you can be confident in the fact that your Tasker will assemble your furniture correctly and with care.

Mounting a TV or Mirror
With all of the different hardware required, it can be nerve wracking trying to mount a tv. If you make one mistake it will slide off the wall and to the ground most likely shattering. Is doing it yourself worth the risk of hundreds of dollars lost from a broken tv? With TaskRabbit you can find a tasker with specific experience in these kinds of projects, so you can be sure your mount will support your TV for the years to come.

Moving Large Objects via Truck
Ever need to pickup or move something that was just too big to fit in your car? Maybe you need to return a large package but you have no way to transport it. Using TaskRabbit you can connect yourself with a tasker that has a truck available to move things. You won’t need a pickup truck because TaskRabbit will help you find someone that can help.

Cleaning the Bathroom or Kitchen
It can be a challenge to find the time and the motivation to clean your bathroom or kitchen. TaskRabbit can connect you with people that can assist. There’s no need to dread cleanup in the house anymore because you can hire taskers to clean your home. For people who are less mobile this is a fantastic way to maintain and upkeep your home without breaking the bank on expensive cleaning services.

Fix a Running Toilet
When toilets have minor issues that can be fixed easily by an expert, this is where plumbing companies step in and take advantage of consumers. Rather than paying a plumber $300 for 5 minutes of work on your toilet, use TaskRabbit to hire an experienced tasker at a fraction of the cost. For minor plumbing problems it’s a no brainer to go with TaskRabbit

Office or Home Delivery
Left something crucial at home but you’re already almost at work? TaskRabbit can help you setup a delivery with one of their taskers so you won’t have to turn your whole day upside down getting your stuff. Whether it’s at work or at home, your taskers will make sure that you get what you need delivered to your hands right away.

Moving and Lifting Heavy Furniture
Suppose you just bought a beautiful new dresser for your upstairs bedroom, but you have nobody to help you take it up the stars. When furniture weighs a ton it can be dangerous to try to carry it up the stairs. TaskRabbit can help you get someone qualified to move your heavy furniture so you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself or damaging your new piece.

Gardening and Planting Flowers
It can be arduous work to plant and garden especially if you are not used to it. If you’re not careful you may accidentally kill the flowers you wanted to liven up your lawn. TaskRabbit can connect you with someone with enough experience to make your planting projects go by smoothly and without issues.

Whatever your tasks may be, TaskRabbit has someone for the job.

Do Taskers Like TaskRabbit More Than Craigslist?

TaskRabbit connects you with clients who need jobs done immediately or through an appointment. Taskers can use the site to find jobs, contact local clients, and safely collect payment for their work. Our users who have worked for TaskRabbit stated they feel more comfortable using TaskRabbit compared to Craigslist because they don’t have to worry about not receiving payment.

What to Know Before Working for TaskRabbit

You must first undergo a background check before you can become a Tasker. TaskRabbit’s application fee can be competitive.
That’s because TaskRabbit’s application asks you to list all your skills as well as speak on video about your work-related experiences. They’re more likely to hire applicants who are customer-service orientated.

TaskRabbit will also ask for your rates before your application is approved. One reviewer stated that the best way to get paid more through TaskRabbit is by starting off with a low-base pay, and raising your rates by a dollar every time you complete a gig. That way, potential clients can see your ratings score and see that you are worth the extra dollar, say compared to someone else who might do the same menial job for less.

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