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Trunk Club Review

Trunk Club is a personal styling subscription box and service owned by Nordstrom.  Based on your personal profile and preferences, a personal stylist sends you 12 hand-picked items each month.

What is Trunk Club?

Trunk Club is a clothing styling services for both men and women, owned by Nordstrom. Subscribers to Trunk Club complete a personalized, detailed survey of their style profile, and from there, they receive a personal stylist. Your stylist will pick up to 12 items for you each month. Each trunk is carefully created curated for your lifestyle, and you get to select the budget.

You can also meet with a customs specialist to customize design anything from suits to outerwear made to fit you perfectly.

How does it work?

Getting started on Trunk Club is a relatively simple process. First, you sign up and then you get paired with a stylist who will learn about your clothing preferences. The stylist will then hand-select articles of clothing to send.

Before you receive said items, you will receive an email with a preview of the items that will be issued to you. All you have to do is approve or remove anything you do not want to purchase. With this feedback, your stylist will replace or remove anything you do not want. This feature alone was why our users rated Trunk Club higher than other subscription services, where you have no idea or say in what you receive.

User Ratings: 796
Average Rating: 9/10
Trunk Club Review
796 Reviews
Customer Service
796 Reviews 94%
Received Fashionable Clothes
796 Reviews 94%
Stylist Satisfaction
796 Reviews 93%
Over Satisfaction
796 Reviews 95%

Is Trunk Club right for you?

If you love shopping for clothes and shopping at Nordstrom, Trunk Club might be what you are looking for. Trunk Club is the cheapest way to get a personal stylist. If your someone who does not have any sense of fashion but would like to get one without paying thousands for a personal stylist that lives in your area, Truck Club could be the solution to help upgrade your wardrobe.

Price: Aside from the $25 styling fee, you can pre-select your budget. Not only that, but you only pay for what you want to keep. For this reason, Trunk Club is one of our highest rated subscription boxes for all categories.

Real Consumers. Real Feedback. Real Reviews.

Check Out These Reviews of Trunk Club

I love that I have the option to pre-approve the items I receive in the mail. It makes it worth it when I actually like the clothes I receive.
Chanel D.
I've tried other style subscription boxes but I've always hated what I would get until I tried Trunk Club. Maybe it's because it's a Nordstrom company but I love everything I get.
Cairon G.
I'm not a stylish man by any means but after I started working in an office I realized my college boy attire was not going to cut it. I just want to thank Trunk Club.
Arnas W.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club scored high in our user reviews for their subscription box. Our users noted they loved their stylist, and the fact that they could pre-select items as a celebrity would. They also loved the fact that they only paid for what they receive, and can pre-select a budget.

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