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Verma Farms CBD

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Verma Farms is a CBD brand that has a wide fan base across the internet – and for good reason. This stuff is potent, affordable, and the customer service experience is superb.

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Who Is Verma Farms?

Verma Farms CBD is an American owned CBD company that is said to be inspired by the lands of Hawaii. The company also alleges that one of its main focuses is making the business sustainable and sourcing its CBD from farms that also care about sustainability. Verma Farms sources all of its hemp strictly from organic farms, which proves that it places a particular emphasis on guaranteeing that the products are pesticide-free. Verma Farms uses all-natural organic ingredients, as opposed to most other makers who distill their hemp from plants filled with pesticides – which can likely end up in your CBD oil. The distillation process this company uses sets it apart from other distributors, and while it’s not an easy process, Verma Farms takes on the challenge. The company sells a wide assortment of the best CBD products and is known for its high-quality CBD oil. All products are lab-tested for quality, potency, and appearance. Verma Farms values transparency, which is why their lab reports are available for everyone to view on their website.

How Does Verma Work?

Naturally, Of Course!

CBD is obtained from the hemp plant. A nonintoxicating substance, CBD works by various receptors in our body to create a calming, relaxing effect. Verma wanted to produce a product that exposed the purest output, providing a substance that grows from the earth, but works in absolute harmony with our natural systems.

Verma Farms Aims for Purity and Transparency

All of Verma Farms’ CBD products are created from hemp and have no THC, so the products are considered “isolates;” pure cannabidiol that does not contain any other cannabinoids. Additionally, Verma Farms only grows organic hemp, pesticide-free, and free of other chemicals. Every product is lab tested by a third-party for pureness and strength, and the company advertises the lab results online, so you know what you are purchasing. Verma Farms acknowledges that CBD is not a miracle cure. Still, Verma Farms are firm believers in CBD, working as a temporary relief for pain and its ability to help the body regulate homeostasis.

CBD is increasing its popularity, so if you’re in the market for a salve to substitute additional pharmaceutical chemicals inside your body, CBD is the way to go. Verma Farm intends to provide you with effective, high-quality products that will deliver the relief you are looking for. Out of all the CBD products on the market for pain relief, Verma Farms ranks the highest. The devotion to quality ingredients, excellent customer service, and a variety of products make it a must-have for anyone thinking about CBD.

Inspired By Maui

When Verma Farms owners first visited Maui, they fell in love. As a place that felt untouched and pure, they decided it was the perfect place for Verma Farms to be conceived, and now it’s a place they call home.

The Power of CBD

Not all CBD is formulated equal.

Some producers distill their product from plants saturated in pesticides, while others muddle them with poor quality or artificial ingredients. With the number of companies that don’t precisely measure the amount of cannabidiol in their products, it’s not as big of a shock to know people don’t understand the power of CBD. However, at Verma, they are here to reform and recreate everyone’s outlook on CBD.

CBD has the capability to work wonders. From reducing the symptoms of epilepsy to treating chronic pain and depression and everything else in between. There’s been a lot of advanced evidence that CBD can make a lasting impact on people’s health.

As people grow to look towards plant-based alternatives to their health problems, Verma is working diligently to develop an experience that wholeheartedly welcomes the power CBD can bring. It’s not just something their passionate about; they believe it’s their duty to serve this community every day.

About Verma Farm’s CBD

Motivated by the peaks of Hawaii, Verma Farms CBD is farmed sustainably from organic, all-natural hemp. They infuse their oils using a low-fuss, preservative-free method that supports the plants’ natural purity in the concluding product that is shipped to you.

CBD won’t get you ‘high.’

CBD comes from hemp flower, and this means it doesn’t contain THC.

CBD Is Non-Habit Forming

There’s no risk of abuse with CBD.

CBD Is Non-Toxic

CBD won’t harm your body in any way, and it’s safe to take any time.

Verma Farm Ingredients

Verma Farm knows what we indulge in our bodies is a serious concern, which is why all of their ingredients are sourced to be as natural as is comes from the earth. It’s their commitment they make when making CBD for your mind, body, and spirit.

Organic Hemp

100% Natural


produced without the use of artificial pesticides.


Healthy & clean lean for you

US Grown Hemp

Farmed to remain sustainable.

An all-time favorite, Verma Farms Mahalo Muscle Relief roll-on, is intended to help the soreness, pain, or wear and tear that occurs in your muscles. This roll-on contains the same no-fuss, non-artificial, all-natural CBD the company uses in all of its products for fast-acting comfort. Get it now!

Choose from the variety of options to best suit your taste pallet. These organic CBD gummies contain juicy flavors, then sprinkled with sweet & sour sugar for a mouthwatering sensation. Their most popular gummies. Browse the CBD sweet & sour gummies collection now. Browse the CBD sweet & sour gummie collection now.

Whether it’s to increase your focus, energy, or confidence when you need it most, or maybe you just need to calm down and relax whatever the need may be, Verma Farms has CBD oils for it all. Take some when you need to calm down or relax before a workout, or to be able to concentrate during work. This oil is perfect for incorporating CBD into your existing routine; this CBD oil is called Verma Farms’ jack-of-all-trades. Browse the CBD oil collection now.

CBD infused dried fruit. These all-natural chunks of dried fruit, makes you feel like you picked it right from the farm. Incredibly soft and chewy help crave that sweet tooth and curve your anxiety or pain. Check out the different flavors to choose from now.

Forbes has advertised these CBD dog treats, naming them the creme de la creme of CBD dog treats. The CBD doggy delights are favorable amongst dog owners from all over. There’s nothing better than having a happy and healthy dog both mentally and physically. Verma Farms CBD dog treats are famous for their ability to relieve anxiety in our pooches as well as pain, and arthritis for your furry family member. Whether their young or old, these CBD treats are the perfect antidote for your pup. Order them today!

The Verma Method

Verma takes its CBD very seriously. Beginning with organic, pesticide-free, GMO-free cannabis plants, they search through for the most beautiful assortments that are fully developed and ready for cultivation. They then take their chosen favorites and place them into a simple distilling process that maintains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids. Verma keeps it to a minimum on the number of all-ingredients to produce an all-natural product that delivers an active, pleasant experience every time.




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