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What is the Facebook Ad Farm Penalty?

What is a Facebook Ad Farm Penalty? (AD_FARM_PENALTY)

It seems one of our advertisements on Facebook was hit with a new penalty that our paid marketing strategists have never seen before at Real Reviews. In a quest to be of ultimate service to our community, including other online business owners who may advertise on Facebook, we wanted to quickly share our experience here for  reference.

The Initial Ad

Facebook Ad Shown as Example

As you can see, we’ve done nothing crazy. We published this ad (a boosted post) but ended up quickly pausing it out in order to change some of the wording and the picture. As it was a boosted post, we also needed to use Facebook’s developer tool to re-scrape for the new image and wording on the link. Then we created our second ad and launched it.

The Error Message

Our ad began running without any issues, albeit maybe a bit slow to serve impressions, but everything seemed fine. Then, out of nowhere, we were greeted by the following error notification:

Facebook error stating "You can reach more people with your ad by adjusting your landing page experience."

That’s right, we are being told “You can reach more people with your ad by adjusting your landing page experience.” by Facebook. When we click the button, though, we are shown a box containing all of our statistics for the boost without any errors or information about this message whatsoever.

We did notice something very strange, though, when looking at the URL that the above notification was set to:


This URL clearly states TWICE that there is an “Ad Farm Penalty” even though this link ends up redirecting to a regular reporting page without any errors!

The two errors in the URL were: BUSINESS_INTEGRITY_PRODUCT_AD_FARM_PENALTY and notif_t=aymt_ad_farm_penalty .


The Facebook Ad Farm Penalty

Through some research, we were able to find what we believe to be the cause of this error, but are actually unsure if the error is problematic at this time.

The believed cause for the error is the duplicate usage of the same URL for two ads consecutively, and perhaps including the use of the “scrape” function to reset the pictures and titles for the second ad.

It is important to note, however, that we fully deleted the first post entirely before re-scraping and then re-posting the same URL. Please check out the following Youtube Video by Warfare Marketing for a possible helpful explanation.

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