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If you are paying over $100 per month on your electric bill, you are not saving properly. Most people are not aware they can save money on their gas and electric by installing EASY to use solar panels. There are also government programs out there that help home owners who use solar panels save money on their bills.

Power and electric companies are losing money to government savings programs for those who choose to go solar. The government Solar Incentives inspire homeowners to use green energy by lowering the cost of solar power installations. Sometimes they can take solar power projects down to $0. Homeowners are shocked to learn of solar incentives offered in their state. Some homeowners are saving up to 45% on their power bills each month.

To push residents to switch to clean solar energy, federal and state governments have begun incentivizing those who live in specific zip codes to go solar by providing them with cash to install. These incentives also offer them $1,000’s in rebates. See what savings your state offers>>> recommends you use the Solar Vision Group’s calculator to see if you qualify.

How Solar Programs Work
Solar panels are now cheaper than they were ten years ago. Millions of homeowners who could not afford them before can now afford to switch to solar with government savings. These programs provide rebates for installation and save you tons on installation. Solar companies also now rent and lease. You can slash your power bill in half by finding out more about these government programs.

The federal solar tax credit, along with savings provided by your state can save you hundreds on your bill each month. The federal solar tax credit also known as the investment tax credit (ITC) allows home owners to deduct 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. You can use the ITC for your commercial and residential properties. There is also NO cap on its value, meaning people like you can now lower their bills by going solar and getting a Solar Lease (PPA). To see if you qualify for free installation user the solar calculator below>>>

Home owners are often shocked to save up to 50% on their power company bill but are blown away by the new subsidies and rebates that can cover the cost of installation costs! See if you qualify and calculate your savings now.

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See If You Qualify For Federal Solar Grants Now!

TIP: The average monthly savings for eligible Americans is $150, and depending on their utility rate plans some are eligible to save more in the future as rates increase. See if your state offers discounts now! >>

We recommend you use a Solar Savings calculator before you purchase. We also recommend you talk to a professional to see if you qualify for federal financial incentives.

Benefits of going solar

Save money on your bills – Solar panels along with state and federal incentives can save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly bill. It’s a proven fact.
Cheaper than ever – One myth about going solar is that it is too expensive to set up. The truth is, it has never been easier to go solar. It is more readily available, and affordable than ever before.
Raise your home value – There is research out there that proves going solar, and installing a solar energy system in your home can raise value to your property.
Low maintenance – Solar panels require very little maintenance, and tend to last decades without needing replacement or serious maintenance.
Solar panels can power more than lights – Solar energy can now be used to power homes, factories, cars, and even your water heating system can all be powered using the latest solar technology.

See If You Qualify For Free Solar Installation



How solar panels work
Solar panels harness one of natures most powerful resources, the sun. The sun produces free energy that solar panels can harness. Solar panels aka photovoltaics, or solar PV, is a solar cell system that uses semiconductor technology to directly convert energy from sunlight into electricity.

Solar panels do not need direct sunlight to work. Solar panels are surprisingly create a ton of electricity even on cloudy days and during the winter. Especially as the technology has gotten better over time.

How to buy cheap solar panels
Solar panels are cheaper and more affordable than ever before. The problem isn’t buying solar panels, it’s knowing how to efficiently maximize how you use your solar panels. For instance, it’s important to check how well your home is insulated so that your solar power energy system can use less energy. Real Reviews recommends that you conduct a home energy audit before you begin. A home energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment, is when you assess how much energy your home uses and evaluating what you can do to make your home more energy efficient.

Weigh all your options
Most people are not aware that not only can they buy a solar power system, but they can also lease a solar power system. You can also host a solar power system by way of a purchase power agreement (PPA).

TIP: Solar panels can be installed anywhere there is sunlight. You can put them on the roof of your home or commercial property, as well as on the ground where it will not be shaded by trees to maximize efficiency. If you live in an apartment complex you could also join a solar community garden. Click here to see if your home can hold solar panels.>>

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